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ABBA To Release New Music Two Years After It Was First Promised

Though they announced their studio-only reunion back in 2018, fans are still waiting for ABBA to release their first new tunes in almost four decades.

Swedish pop savants — Björn Ulvaeus, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson — ruled 1970s radio.


ABBA co-founder Benny Andersson has shared an update into the status of the band’s first new music in almost four decades, revealing that it will likely arrive in September.

Though fans of the Swedish band were undoubtedly ecstatic back in 2018 when the quarter revealed they would be reuniting, more than 35 years after they first split, the excitement was somewhat short-lived when it was revealed that their reunion would be solely confined to the studio.

Regardless, this news meant that ABBA would be recording their first piece of new music since “Under Attack” in 1982, which was released just days before their last public performance.

Unfortunately, fans have been left waiting in regards to updates about the arrival of the new music, with the planned pair of songs remaining unreleased. Despite an update from Björn Ulvaeus in April of 2019 that the sounds would be released by September, this date came and went, leaving the status of their new songs (which had since expanded to five) uncertain.

Now, Benny Andersson has given fans an update during an interview, stating in no uncertain terms that “they’re coming”, though he still can’t deliver a specific date.

“They’re coming this year,” he explained in a clip shared via ABBA Talk on Twitter. “I’m guessing after the summer. But I can only guess, because I’m not really sure. But I would think so.”

Asked whether or not the songs might be released in 2020, Andersson indicated that he was apprehensive to give a decisive answer, but revealed that hopes were for a release before the end of the year.

“One shouldn’t promise anything but if I were to decide myself, it would be September,” he added. “I can’t make that decision alone. But that’s what we’re aiming for.”

In related news, Benny Andersson found himself the centre of attention recently when Australian ABBA tribute band BABBA performed a set in Hong Kong back in December, for which Andersson was attending as a guest of the Swedish consulate.

“We beamed big smiles as we looked across in awe. He beamed back and we sang and played our hearts out for him,” BABBA’s Michael Ingvarson (aka Benny) said.

“Then he came up on stage, shook hands with us all and kissed the girls. ‘That was pretty good!’ he said and then with a bit of a wink he said to me ‘I like the way you look!’

“We posed for the cameras together, waved to the Swedish part of the crowd and chatted some more about BABBA’s story,” Ingvarson added. “What an honour it was to play for him, to chat with him and to be part of this magic night!”