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The One Artist Hitmaker Tones And I Wants to Write For

She’s toured with Pink and recorded with Macklemore, but there’s one artist Tones and I really wants to work with

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She’s toured with Pink and recorded with Macklemore, but there’s one artist Tones and I has her fingers crossed about working with. 

Pink’s ‘Summer Carnival’ tour, the eighth concert tour of her career, kicked off in the UK last June. Two months later, she announced Tones would be supporting her on the tour in Australia and New Zealand.

But as exciting as it is to tour with an artist that breaks as many records and has as many fans as Pink, Tones revealed to Rolling Stone AU/NZ Editor-in-Chief Poppy Reid in the latest episode of ‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’, sponsored by Shure, that the tour had brought an even more exciting moment for her. 

“Pink came up to me [on the tour] and literally looked me in the eye and said, ‘I want you to come and work with me on my new music. I think you’re the most exciting songwriter in the world right now,’” Tones, AKA Toni Watson, said. “I just remember thinking, I’m going to tell my friends.”

Tones went on to say that she’s someone who, outside of the pandemic, has only been playing live for around two and a half years, which means she’s still very much reaching her stride. But songwriting is absolutely her passion; in fact, she doesn’t think it’s something she’ll ever stop doing. 

“In terms of people sitting down with me and writing melody and lyrics, I don’t want that, not yet. Maybe give me 20 years, when I’m tired and I’m over it, maybe let me find a songwriter and be like, ‘I need a new album.’ But this is what I like. I like this more than anything. I love songwriting. So I don’t want someone to fill that void in my life. That’s the one job I will not pay someone to do for me because that’s the fun one,” she revealed. 

“Can someone else organise my calendar? Yes. I don’t want to do that. But I love to write the music and prove that you don’t need the 20 songwriters that certain other artists have to help them.”

As for who she’ll write for – other than Pink of course – there’s one big name Tones is hoping will pick up the phone. 

“Adele. Without a doubt. I think her music is so pure to who she is, she doesn’t stray for a trend, that’s why she smashes it every time. It’s so beautiful and moving and so her. If Adele ever thought I was good enough to be able to write with, or for, her that would be a true testament to how much I have expanded,” she revealed.

“To go from writing ‘Dance Monkey’ to an Adele song – that’s it.”

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