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Song You Need to Know: Sunfruits, ‘End of the World’

The Melbourne psychedelic pop outfit have also announced their eagerly-anticipated debut album, ‘One Degree’


Kalindy Williams

How does one convince the world of the profound dangers of environmental collapse? Greta Thunberg’s youthful sincerity doesn’t always work; Adam McKay’s satire-with-the-stars was a swing and a miss. For Sunfruits, Melbourne’s purveyors of pristine psychedelic pop, the least they can do is offer everyone a song to dance to at the end of the world.

Their new single is called just that, “End of the World”, and is a surprisingly upbeat singalong anthem with dystopian tinges. Its groovy joyousness becomes less surprising, however, when lead singer Winter McQuinn explains the inspiration behind the song.

“I was writing this track around a similar time to “Made to Love” and was really inspired by the theme of love and light during a pandemic and climate crisis,” he says.

No one ever denied, least of all the Sunfruits in their supremely anachronistic yet fluorescently stylish 70s-era fashion, that this band were all about peace and love. It’s a refreshing antidote to a music scene that’s so often so self-serious.

The accompanying music video – directed by Sunfruits’ own Evie Vlah and Lincoln Healy – has charm to spare, showing McQuinn as a manic news presenter slowly losing his mind at the ecological chaos happening all around him (watch below).

Both “End of the World” and the aforementioned “Made to Love” will feature on the band’s newly announced debut album, One Degree, which is set for release next month.

Containing 11 tracks of anthemic and melodic modern psychedelia, the album comes courtesy of the ever-reliable Third Eye Stimuli, who just put out a wonderful album by the enchanting French pop singer-songwriter Laure Briard.

Taking on environmental anxiety, self-reliance and resilience, and, above all, escapist love, Sunfruits’ upcoming record should be just as deliciously joyful and thoughtful as their new single.

Sunfruits’ “End of The World” is out now. One Degree is out April 28th via Third Eye Stimuli Records and Earth Libraries (USA/Canada).