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Song You Need to Know: Jess Ribeiro, ‘Everything Is Now’

The accompanying video, shot in one take, features acclaimed contemporary dancer Tony Yap moving in sync with the artist

Jess Ribeiro

Nick Mckk

“The river’s pulling me upstream like some sort of game,” croons Jess Ribeiro in her latest song “Everything Is Now”.

In this captivating release, the Naarm/Melbourne-based singer-songwriter yearns for nature, painting pictures of dew-kissed grass and winds whispering melodies. It hints at a longing to break free from society’s grip and embrace the freedom of the present moment, echoed by the repeated mantra, “Everything is now.”

Recoded in the small coastal town of Point Lonsdale on Wadawurrung Country during Melbourne’s tough lockdown period by producer Nick Huggins, Ribeiro’s song boasts a dark, moody sound with raw instrumentation that showcases the musician’s folk-infused vocals at their best.

There are nuanced elements, too, like an analogue tape loop mimicking the sound of a train trailing along the tracks  alongside Ribeiro’s repetitive guitar strumming. 

The accompanying video for “Everything Is Now” draws inspiration from Ribeiro’s childhood spent in country town Chinese restaurants where her father worked as a chef. Shot in a captivating one-shot take, the video showcases the movement of acclaimed contemporary dancer Tony Yap, intertwining his movements with those of the artist.

Reflecting on her upbringing, Ribeiro shares, “My father is from Hong Kong, and the only place he could speak Cantonese was in the kitchens of Chinese restaurants. I spent years hanging around after school, before opening hours – folding napkins, setting tables, watching my dad share his skills, drink tea and chat with his peers.”

“Everything Is Now” comes after the heartfelt ballad “Summer of Love”, and both songs will feature on Ribeiro’s upcoming album, also titled Summer of Love, which will be released on April 12th. Ribeiro’s album is set to explore themes like isolation, loss, love, expectations versus reality, pandemics, and healing.

Jess Ribeiro’s “Everything Is Now” is out now via Poison City Records. Summer of Love is out April 12th.