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Song You Need to Know: Emmanuel Kelly, ‘My Sky’

Emmanuel Kelly will join Coldplay on their stadium tour around Australia and New Zealand later this year

Emmanuel Kelly


Emmanuel Kelly is flying high with his latest single “My Sky”.

The Australian singer-songwriter and X Factor Australia sensation has struck a chord with audiences worldwide with this euphoric track, which is all about “finding happiness in the saddest times.”

With over 250,000 streams and making its mark on the UK charts, Kelly’s electrifying performance of “My Sky” during the Australian Open’s All Abilities Day celebrations undoubtedly contributed to its success. This was the first time he performed the song live, which also doubles as the official video clip.

“My Sky” is  the first single from his forthcoming album, released via Vampr Distribution and represented for sync by Vampr Publishing.

On “My Sky”, Kelly recounts his resilience and remarkable journey, which included a breakthrough stint on X Factor Australia in 2011, personal battles and, now, a future stacked with opportunities.

Found as a baby on an Iraq battlefield, he grew up in an orphanage facing harrowing conditions. His life changed when he came to Australia for surgery, thanks to humanitarian Moira Kelly (named Victorian of the Year in 2012), marking the start of a new chapter for Kelly.

“The song came to me when I was at a real low point. It gave me a lifeline,” he says. “I hope ‘My Sky’ brings the same sense of hope to anyone who feels lost or alone. Our lives can change with every sunrise.”

Kelly’s upcoming year is looking bright as he gears up to join Coldplay on a stadium tour later this year, and his forthcoming album is even executive produced by the British band’s frontman, Chris Martin.

“My Sky” was written by Emmanuel Kelly and Rob Sedky, and produced by Josh Simons and Simon Duffy.

Booked to support Coldplay on 11 dates across Australia and New Zealand this October and November on the Australian leg of their world tour, Kelly will be part of history with a record-breaking three-night run at Auckland’s Eden Park.

In addition to his recording career, Emmanuel launched Outlyer Entertainment in May 2022, with Coldplay’s Chris Martin as advisor, to drive greater inclusion and accessibility in the film, TV, and music industries.

Emmanuel Kelly’s “My Sky” is out now.