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Song You Need to Know: Birds of Tokyo, ‘Dive’

“Given the times we are in, we wanted to remind our fans that isolation doesn’t limit the ability to reach out,” explains Birds of Tokyo bassist Ian Berney.

Having released Human Design last week as the perfect companion for isolation listening, Birds of Tokyo have now shared the perfect isolation film clip, by way of “Dive”.

When Rolling Stone chatted to Birds of Tokyo in the lead-up to Human Design’s release, the group noted how their latest record would be something that would undoubtedly help their fans weather the storm faced by global lockdowns in the wake of COVID-19.

“I think with people being at home, if you’re going to put out a record, they’re going to have access to it and be able to dive into it the day it comes out,” frontman Ian Kenny explained.

“What else are people doing if we’re spending as much time at home unable to go to work? People are going to be looking to music.”

Indeed, the band have been using their music to offer fans a form of escape. In fact, a series of social-distancing videos had seen Birds of Tokyo record renditions of the tracks from the comfort of their respective homes, sharing the results on YouTube.

Now, this approach to social-distancing has followed into their next clip, with the group today sharing the video for their latest single, “Dive”.

Serving as a way to not only further the track’s powerful message, but as a way to show their fans they’re still connected, the clip portrays the band members in isolation, with everyone – including a personified watermelon, a panda, and more – linked by a crocheted heart, signifying that even distance can’t keep them apart.

“‘Dive’ is a song written about supporting others in need,” explains bassist Ian Berney. “Given the times we are in, we wanted to remind our fans that isolation doesn’t limit the ability to reach out.

“Whether you’re a watermelon, a divorced Panda, a green man or you live in a bath; we are all connected. Director Zac Lynch-Woodlock came up with a red crochet heart with yarn wool, stringing Kenny, the band and all the characters to unify our iso-connectedness.”

“The band had approached me to make the music video for the new single ‘Dive’,” explains Lynch-Woodlock. “The original concept was that we would create an iso music video where we see each of the band performing in their own iso spaces, however, we knew we wanted to create something, with a narrative running through it.

“After listening to the track quite a few times, I decided that we needed something that connected all of our characters in a physical sense with some sort of common prop. I had seen the band’s recent album’s cover art which features beautifully crocheted objects.

“I decided that I would have Kenny wearing a crocheted heart, that has threads of yarn running from it. These threads would then run to the band members who were also wearing hearts and then further on to other people. These hearts and threads represent Kenny’s love and connection with people.

“We then also decided that in order to differentiate ourselves from other iso films that were being made, we would then place our footage inside shots of retro TVs. This allows us to give the piece a unique and timeless look and would also allow us to create an underlying tone of isolation and connection all at once.”

Another example of the powerful creation that is Birds of Tokyo’s Human Design, fans can catch the band performing this song – among others from the record – when they hit the road in 2021, having recently rescheduled their Australian tour with symphony orchestras. Read on for full details.

Birds of Tokyo’s Human Design is out now via EMI.

Birds of Tokyo Symphonic Tour 2021

With the West Australian Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, January 14th
Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

Friday, January 15th
Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

Saturday, January 16th
Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA

With the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Friday, January 22nd
Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

Saturday, January 23rd
Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

With the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, February 4th
Sydney Town Hall, Sydney, NSW

Friday, February 5th
Sydney Town Hall, Sydney, NSW

Saturday, February 6th
Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ, Sydney, NSW

With the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Friday, February 12th
QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, February 13th
QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane, QLD

General public on sale via the band’s website from 10am (local time), Friday, May 1st