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Punk Pen Pals: Sløtface and The Buoys Try to ‘Fight Back Time’

The Norwegian punk favourites and the Sydney four-piece joined forces last month to release an energetic punk single together

Sløtface and The Buoys

Jess Gleeson

Sløtface and The Buoys joined forces last month to release the energetic punk single, “Fight Back Time”.

The Norwegian punk outfit, now led by solo artist Haley Shea, and the Sydney four-piece came together digitally to make the track, which delves into the concept of time and the constant feeling that there’s never enough of it.

“‘Fight Back Time’, for me, is about feeling way too caught up in everything you’re doing when you have too much going on, and desperately trying to grab some pieces of your life back so that you feel in control,” Shea says.

Shea and Zoe Catterall, the vocalist and guitarist of The Buoys, connected over a Zoom call despite their wild time zone difference. They instantly bonded over the single’s theme and their shared struggle of juggling time as musicians and songwriters.

“Time is a concept I write about a lot!” Catterall reveals. “Balancing your day job with a hectic touring schedule is no piece of cake and it was really cool to talk at length about this with Haley at the end of my working day in Australia when her day was just starting in Norway.

“I feel like we’re all trying to fit in what we want to do around our responsibilities while also making time for family and friends. What’s left in the end is a dose of exhaustion and the feeling that sometimes time is getting away from you and that’s definitely what resonated with me the most.”

Sløtface picked a good time to release a track with an Australian artist: Shea headed Down Under last month where she linked up with local bands and finally got to meet The Buoys in person for the first time. They even performed “Fight Back Time” live on stage together in Sydney; talk about a productive trip.

In other The Buoys news, three members of the band recently talked to Rolling Stone AU/NZ about the importance of representation, processing big feelings and why they’re excited to be involved with Movember.

Sløtface & The Buoys’ “Fight Back Time” is out now via Propeller Recordings / Virgin Music Australia.