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Meet the First Round Winner of Battle of the Bands in Brissie

They came, they rocked, they conquered. Here’s what went down on the huge first night of Battle of the Bands, hosted by Sailor Jerry Presents

Sailor Jerry Presents

Bianca Holderness

There’s no question, Suzie Wong’s Goodtime Bar is the go-to for live music lovers. The Hawaiian-themed dive bar is the unofficial home of rock & roll in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, with live music running almost every night.

On this particular Friday night, it also became home to the ultimate Battle of the Bands, hosted by Sailor Jerry Presents.

In the first of two heats, three local acts were chosen to perform on the night in front of special judges and a live crowd. Each band had half an hour to wow the tightly packed bar with original songs.

To raise the stakes, each audience member was armed with a token to vote for their favourite band at the end of the night. Plus, everyone had the chance to try Sailor Jerry’s signature drinks, including their tantalising Savage Apple shots.

Doors opened at 6pm and the venue quickly buzzed with energy.

Four-piece rock ensemble, The Common Deers, were first to hit the stage. Their vibe set the tone for an unforgettable night of up and coming talent.

Then, the competition got turned up when Brisbane-based hard rock band, Winchester Revival, took their turn and immediately blew the roof off the packed bar.

Sailor Jerry Presents

Credit: Bianca Holderness

They were followed by indie pop rock band Sailing in Space, who kept everyone dancing til the final beat.

At the end of a huge first round heat in Suzie Wong’s iconic bar, Winchester Revival – a unique group of rockers brought together in the summer of 2019 – couldn’t be beaten and ultimately clinched victory.

Brisbane’s Battle of the Bands, driven by Sailor Jerry’s dedication to propping up local music, continues to fuel the city’s rising talents.