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NoMBe’s “Weirdo” is the Song You Need to Know Right Now


Given the global backdrop in which it has been released, NoMBe’s single “Weirdo” is, oddly, just what the world’s electric soul sub-genre needs. Sentimental, sleek, and underscored with vulnerability, “Weirdo” has all the makings to offend purists and top charts as the overt outsider in a world seeking an aural reprieve from this new normal.

The latest single from NoMBe – the German-born, LA-based producer wunderkind who’s on everyone’s lips from Pharrell to Migos and Elton John – is primed to be a global hit.

“NoMBe makes music for the sub-conscious with colourful layers and unexpected water slides. He writes and produces dream sequences,” says Pharrell.

“Weirdo” was always going to break new ground though. NoMBe himself is the godson of the great Chaka Khan and his co-writers on this track, while masters of their own corners, are from different worlds.

NoMBe penned “Weirdo” with country music hitmaker Christopher DeStefano (Carrie Underwood, Florida Georgia Line, Kelly Clarkson) and Sofia Hoops, a classically-trained opera singer with R&B roots who sang backing vocals on Childish Gambino’s Grammy-nominated LP Awaken, My Love!.

Co-produced with Christopher DeStefano, NoMBe’s newest proffering keeps his now trademark introspectiveness – the kind that made his staunchly feminist debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me so acclaimed back in 2018.

At its core, “Weirdo” is an affecting, dreamy love song that wholly embraces awkwardness. It’s a testament to NoMBe’s propensity for crafting perfect pop music as it combines the artist’s sleek vocals with a glorious Hendrix-esque riff. Could this be one of the biggest songs of 2020?

You can listen to the track below: