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Mashd N Kutcher’s New Single Is a Force for Good

After a shock cancer diagnosis, Matt James is focusing on music and raising money for a worthy cause at the same time

Mashd N Kutcher

Mashd N Kutcher's Matt James


In August, Mashd N Kutcher were, as always, looking forward to good times ahead.

The Australian party starters had headline shows lined up in Asia, and Australian tour dates being prepared for their return home.

And then their world was rocked when one third of the trio, Matt James, announced his cancer diagnosis to fans. “Over the immediate months, we will hit this from every angle with chemotherapy and extensive treatment,” he said in a courageous press statement at the time.

Since then, Matt’s Mashd N Kutcher bandmates have continued to take their dancefloor hits to their fans on the live front, while he’s attended to far more important matters at home.

But music, unsurprisingly, has remained at the forefront of the musician’s mind.

Earlier this month, Mashd N Kutcher released a new single, “IT’S ALRIGHT”, incredibly written and produced by Matt in the toughest of circumstances – while undergoing intense chemotherapy and specialist treatment.

What’s more, all streaming royalties – forever, no less, not just for a temporary period of time – from the single will go to cancer research, support, and awareness via Myeloma Australia.

Following the release of his new single, Rolling Stone AU/NZ caught up with Matt to discuss everything that’s been going on, and one thing he said stood out above everything else: “Bring on 2024.” Read the rest of our conversation with Matt below.

Mashd N Kutcher’s “IT’S ALRIGHT” is out now. 

Rolling Stone AU/NZ: Tell us about “It’s Alright”. How did it come together?

Matt James: I started working on the record about three months ago not long after the surprise diagnosis of cancer. I found myself at home 24/7, unable to drive, travel or do much outdoors, so music became extremely therapeutic and a great outlet to channel positivity and productivity.

How does it differ from previous Mashd N Kutcher anthems?

It’s really the first time I’ve felt totally happy finding my ‘sound’ for the project and combining all my music interests.  From sampling, hip hop, to house records and a dash of disco.

It must feel so worthwhile to be donating all streaming royalties to cancer research. 

As a musician, but also now as a young person in Australia with Multiple Myeloma, it’s a really great way that I can use the platform I have. I hope to help others through something fun such as music.

Mashd N Kutcher

And the song will continue to support myeloma research forever?

Yeah, we’ve set this up in perpetuity, so all of MNK’s streaming artist royalties for life of this song go to fund research, support and awareness for Multiple Myeloma.

It’s such a positive, feel-good anthem. Can you see it being a live circuit favourite soon?

Absolutely, with Mashd N Kutcher being a three-piece band, the track was written with that in mind. The boys are still playing shows currently in my absence, but I hope to return to the stage early next year and have some goals for the new year. It would be amazing to bring the live show to the Mix Up tent at Splendour. Bring on 2024.

It’s incredible that you’ve written and produced “It’s Alright” while undergoing chemotherapy and other treatment. Is focusing on music and art a powerful feeling in such a situation?

It’s been an amazing opportunity to focus on my art and serve as a positive distraction to the treatment which is extremely challenging. It’s done wonders for my mental health.

Do you have any other songs in the works? Or are you just going to enjoy the positive reaction to “It’s Alright” for now?

Both haha! I have another 4-5 records in the same lane that are almost finished, and I’m putting together the foundations for a full-length album in 2024. Releasing a larger body of work will be exciting and something I’ve always wanted to do with the project. The timing feels good so it’s go time!