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‘I Try Not to Put Too Much Pressure on Myself’: Madison Beer on the Making of ‘Silence Between Songs’

Madison Beer gives Rolling Stone insights into the inspirations behind her latest work, her creative process, and what’s in store for the future

Madison Beer


Madison Beer has returned after two long years with her second studio album, Silence Between Songs, the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to her 2021 debut, Life Support.

Her 2021 debut was a revelation, an authentic exploration of love, resilience, and personal discovery, and Silence Between Songs covers similar themes, but the US singer-songwriter goes deeper into emotions that reflect her growth both as an artist and person.

As the title suggests, it’s in the silences where Madison’s music truly finds its power, allowing her melodies and lyrics to speak volumes. “I’ve grown up a lot since Life Support,” she tells Rolling Stone. “I’ve learned what I want to say, and I’m always trying to go with the flow and pull inspiration from whatever life throws at me.”

When asked about her influences, Beer spoke of a diverse range of artists who have contributed to shaping her sound. “There’s so many people that influenced this record,” she says. “I was definitely consuming a lot of [the] Beatles and Beach Boys, and, you know, always Lana [Del Rey].”

With the success of Life Support, Beer acknowledged the pressure that came with producing a hit second album. “I try not to put too much pressure on myself,” she confides. “I hope that the people who loved Life Support will love this. That’s definitely the goal.”

Silence Between Songs blends Beer’s beautiful vocals with magnetic production. “Every song is kind of different. If I come in with an idea, we’ll go to the lyrics first, and then we’ll just get on with it. Or if we want to start with some chords, we’ll do that,” she says about her typical creative process.

“I definitely like to keep my circle small. I mean, I’ve been working with the same producer now for both albums – I like to just stick with the same people.”

Madison’s ability to capture intense emotions in her music is particularly resonant when it comes to mental health. Her lyrics delve deep into complex feelings, but she never feels pressure to explore a certain subject in her songs. “I just do things that I feel ready to share or ready to talk about, try not to rush into opening up about anything just because I feel like I should, you know?” she says. “I just take it easy on myself and do it as I feel… I just wanna take things one day at a time, and if today these things feel good to talk about, then I’ll happily talk about them.”

One of the album’s highlight is a touching tribute to her brother. “I’ve been wanting to write a song about my brother for a long time,” Beer says. “With a lot of therapy and reflection, I’ve been able to come up with this song.”

As for what’s next, Beer is eager to take her new album on the road. “I’m definitely gonna release a tour,” she confirms, although no specific dates have been announced yet.

Fans should expect a lot though: Beer says live shows are “one of the best, if not the best, part” of her musical journey.

Madison Beer’s Silence Between Songs is out now via Sony Music.