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Song You Need to Know: Lucian Rice, ‘can’t you see’

The New Zealand-born singer-songwriter and producer’s second single sublimely blends dream pop, nu-gaze, and alternative rock

Lucian Rice

Sol Savila

Craving an anthem for the angst, dread and uncertainty that comes with a fresh relationship? Lucian Rice has got you covered.

“can’t you see” is the New Zealand-born singer-songwriter and producer’s second single, following his enthralling debut release “spineback”. Rice’s new single blends floaty dream pop vocals with the thunderous crashes of alternative rock and the melancholy of nu-gaze.

It may be more subdued than “spineback” – and less layered in ’90s-esque fuzz – but it’s no less worthy of a listen. In comparison, “can’t you see” is more lyric-heavy, with long, descriptive verses that lead up to a booming, climactic collision.

“I had just started seeing someone new after a lengthy relationship,” Rice says about the track. “The idea of something casual felt super empty and I wanted this person to give me something more than just the night. Naively, I wanted them to be as big in my life as the other person was – I didn’t know any other way.”

This desperation shines through perfectly in the moody “can’t you see,” the track’s repetitive chorus an ideal backing track to solitary late night drives filled with romanticised reminiscing.

If Rice’s voice sounds familiar to you, you might recognise him from his previous releases under the stage name ‘stupid rich kid.’ But his exciting new solo project is Rice showcasing his music at its purest.

The accompanying music video, directed by fellow rising star Harry Teardrop, stars Rice alongside Jess Wolfe. Watch the full clip below.

Back and forth between New Zealand, New York and Los Angeles, big things are on the horizon for Rice and his new artist persona in 2024 and beyond. He’s already worked with acclaimed artists such as Nick Ward, carwash, and Molly Payton, demonstrating Rice’s versatility as a producer and performer.

Lucian Rice’s “can’t you see” is out now.