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A Modern Classical Composer & Famed New Zealand Rock Singer Work Together. The Results Are Unexpected.

Levi Patel and Midnight Youth’s Jeremy Redmore have collaborated on beautiful new single ‘Worlds Apart’

Levi Patel and Jeremy Redmore collaboration


If you were a young Kiwi in 2006, it’s likely you were around for the the heyday of Auckland rockers Midnight Youth (read our Midnight Youth retrospective).

Just under two decades later, the band’s former vocalist Jeremy Redmore is still releasing interesting music, including a curious new collaboration with modern classical composer Levi Patel.

The opposing pair have come together beautifully on the aptly-titled “Worlds Apart”, the lead single from their collaborative EP, Migrations.

“All of my past music has been instrumental, so I had to rethink my entire approach for this collaboration,” Patel reveals. “But rather than letting the instruments only play a supporting role, like in many songs, we’ve woven Jeremy’s voice through them to create a single, ethereal space.”

“When Jeremy first showed me the chorus melody and chords for Worlds Apart, just with an acoustic guitar, I immediately heard music swelling and spiralling around me as his voice glided above. The feeling from that first chorus launched the entire project.”
Perhaps Redmore sums up the Bon Iver-esque song best: “There are places this project took my voice to that it had never been before,” he simply says.

Migrations took three years to record, composed of a long, thought-out process, unsurprising considering the two come from completely opposite sides of the music industry. They took their time to try to create something innovative and different, with both Patel and Redmore unfased when stepping outside of their respective comfort zones.

It’s actually a collaboration that makes sense when looking at each musicians’ career. As well as being a driving force behind Midnight Youth, Redmore has released a children’s book and several solo albums. Patel, meanwhile, is a multidisciplinary creative who has also produced work in film. Trying new things is just what these two do.

Levi Patel & Jeremy Redmore’s “Worlds Apart” is out now. Migrations is out October 11th.