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Song You Need to Know: Juno Is, ‘Imitation’

‘Imitation’ unveils a stripped-back version of Juno Is’ psychedelic rock sound

Juno Is


The dream of the ’60s is alive in “Imitation”, the new single from Juno Is.

The solo project of Mackenzie Hollebon, Juno Is first impressed back in 2020 with a short but sweet EP, Creature of Habit, that was composed of four lightly hazy psychedelic rock tracks.

Three years later, the Dunedin-born artist has unveiled a quieter but no less impactful version of Juno Is: “Imitation” is stripped-back and sparse, the guitar lines gauzier and less gritty, the melodies swirly and surfy.

It continues Hollebon’s impressive return as Juno Is, which saw her perform towards The Others Way at the end of last year. 2022 also saw her collaborate with Dylan Kirby on the delicate psychedelic pop track “I’m Situated In The Sun”.

“Heading down south to record my first album in a few weeks. This year has been an absolute whirlwind but so beautiful in many ways. The best time to create,” she shared last year. “I feel so lucky to have this project by my side as a way to express and connect.”

Her first single of 2023 showcases, in Hollebon’s own words, a “more refined sound,” and it’s one that promises much for the future. “Imitation” is the first taste of Juno Is’ debut album, which is set for release at the end of the year.

“Imitation” is accompanied by an NZOA-funded music video, directed by Ezra Simons (Earth Tongue, Soft Bait). The stylish clip sees Hollebon, resplendent in an evocative red dress, sombrely cavorting with four suspiciously stony-faced individuals wearing what looks like school outfits.

They journey around a vast hilltop composed of sky and grass so starkly green and blue that it begs an important question – was this video shot up a Kiwi mountain or against the Windows XP home screen? You can watch the  full delightfully abstract clip below.

Juno Is’ “Imitation” is out now.