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Songs You Need to Know: Jarrod Jeremiah & Holly Hebe, ‘Chocolate’

The two crooners from separate states come together to write a simple love song

Jarrod Jeremiah and Holly Hebe

Jewel Owusu

It really is that time of year when artists are emerging from the depths of Australian winters to make music that soundtracks more enjoyable warmer times. The music may be simpler, milder, but also perfect for months where all you want to do is drink, swim, and eye up some studs down the beach. 

Jarrod Jeremiah and Holly Hebe have taken that notion to heart in their truly easy listening collaborative track “Chocolate”.

“‘Chocolate’ itself is a cute homage to that inner lover boy/girl which people may think is cliché,” Jeremiah says, “but I think if done well it resonates with the audience and can really warm hearts.” 

A love story between Perth and Melbourne, Jeremiah and Hebe’s respective hometowns, the story goes that they met, instantly clicked, and collaborated. The result is a careening indie pop track that is simplistic, subtle, and combines the best of both artists’ abilities – Hebe’s whispering and emotive indie ballads and Jeremiah’s swooning R&B. 

As Jeremiah acknowledges, the delivery and lyricism veers towards ‘cliche’, but sometimes that’s just what you need; sometimes you just don’t want to think too hard about things, you know?

“I can’t keep up, keep my head above the water, but you gave me chocolate and it sweetens everything,” they sing on the sweet chorus. It’s an innocent love song, maybe it’s even puppy love, but in the end it’s an easy romance. 

Both Jeremiah and Hebe have been busy this past year. Scrolling on TikTok, it’s hard to go a day without seeing the former interviewing strangers on the street in his 30-second Q&A-style videos. Apart from viral content, Jeremiah has also been spun on triple J and Apple Music and been lauded by publications like Purple Sneakers.

Hebe has also kept busy by touring with indie rock band The Rions, and she’ll finish the year playing NYE on the Hill in Victoria.

Jarrod Jeremiah & Holly Hebe’s “Chocolate” is out now.