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‘In My Room’ With Mikayla Pasterfield

The rising singer-songwriter recorded an ‘In My Room’ session ahead of some big showcases in the latter half of the year

Mikayla Pasterfield recorded an ‘In My Room’ session for Rolling Stone AU/NZ ahead of some big showcases in the latter half of the year.

Talk about a whirlwind 12 months: last October, after several years of valiantly posting on the platform, Pasterfield finally had one of her original songs blow up on TikTok, with the video being watched almost one million times in just six months.

The song she performed was the heartfelt “Damage You Still Do”, and her stunning vocals led to her signing to a US label just weeks after her TikTok video went viral.

Now, she’s preparing to showcase her burgeoning talent at Brisbane’s Side Fest. And BIGSOUND 2023. And SXSW Sydney. Again, talk about a whirlwind 12 months.

Before all of that happens, though, Pasterfield took to her own bedroom for an ‘In My Room’ session, performing several songs in the exact location they were first born.

“This is where I’ve written all of my music and where all of this sort of started for me, which is fun and exciting,” she says at the beginning of her ‘In My Room’ session.

Pasterfield opened with “Damage You Still Do” (“without it, none of this would be happening,” she insists before playing), followed by her second and latest single, “Bindi in the Dirt”.

“It’s come to my attention that a lot of people don’t know what a “bindi” is,” Pasterfield laughs. “It’s basically this prickly little weed in the grass that stabs into your foot if you’re dancing around barefoot… They’re very hard to get out, they’re very painful, it’s a whole thing!”

Pasterfield then concluded with an unreleased song, “Masochist”, which she reveals was written just a few weeks ago. You can watch the musician’s full ‘In My Room’ session above.

Mikayla Pasterfield’s “Bindi in the Dirt” is out now.