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Ibanez Journeys Into 2024

Celebrated guitar brand launches its 2024 range with a collaboration featuring members of Australian metalcore giants Northlane and Alpha Wolf

Ibanez 2024 launch video

Ibanez has kicked off 2024 with a roar, launching its new product range with a heartstopping music video showcasing a veritable supergroup from its roster of Australian artists.

A song geared for the great times ahead, “New Emotion” is a dynamic collaborative metalcore effort featuring Northlane’s Marcus Bridge (vocals/guitar) and Nic Pettersen (drums), and Alpha Wolf’s Sabian Lynch (guitar). The trio are impressively aided by the expertise of highly regarded session players Mitch Clews (guitar) and Liam Horgan (bass).  

Fittingly, the song is about finding one’s wings, the transformative journey to which emerging musicians aspire to become a songwriter, a performer, and rockstar.

“Unlock a new emotion / It’s within you / Just look closer,” Bridge exclaims with a trademark scream, his passionate delivery echoing the song’s themes of inspiration, self-realisation, and untapped potential. Bridge, Lynch, and Clews soar with each other on selected guitar models from the 2024 range, while Horgan heavily underpins them with some incredible instruments from the bass end of the scale.

Produced by Ibanez Australia, the video shows the band on a studio stage, backdropped by a screen flashing Ibanez guitars and featuring endorsees such as Joe Satriani, Jake Bowen, Kiko Loureiro, and Ichika Nito, as well as aspirant and emerging guitarists playing their instruments, signalling that the journey begins in practice and may well allow you to pursue your dreams.

The video has attracted fevered attention since it debuted on YouTube last month. 

“Picked all the right guys for this – Ibanez ain’t playin’ around in 2024. I love this statement from you guys,” said @chamberslk676. “Saw Marcus with a guitar. Hoped to see him do some chugs. Not disappointed,” stated @nickrickert3109. “I am so excited, it hurts,” added @DriFD3S, sagely. 

“You’re in for a hell of a ride, hold on tight,” growls Bridge, and you better believe him.

Ibanez 2024 range

The new 2024 Ibanez range is available from stockists including Belfield Music, Better Music, Mannys, Mega Music, Modern Musician and Sky Music. Check it out now at ibanez.au/2024.