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Song You Need to Know: Hachiku, ‘Time Wasted Worrying’

“I have now learned the value of a calm and quiet mind and recognised that I indeed spend a lot of wasted time worrying”


Marcelle Bradbeer

Hachiku has made a striking comeback after a four-year hiatus with their new single, “Time Wasted Worrying.”

It’s a ray of sunshine from the German-Australian producer and singer-songwriter also known as Anika Ostendorf, and a gentle reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

“When I was around five, my grandmother told me, ‘If you don’t have a thought in your mind, you’ll die.’ I internalised this, fearing sudden death, and don’t think I have stopped thinking since,” explains Ostendorf. 

“I have now learned the value of a calm and quiet mind and recognised that I indeed spend a lot of wasted time worrying. This song is like a little reminder to myself to take care of myself, be kind and self-compassionate and take it easy! And perhaps my grandmother is watching from above, her mind at ease, knowing that things unfold as they should, whether we worry or not.”

The track highlights Hachiku’s unique style, starting with whimsical bubble sounds and transitioning into a warm, summery soundscape filled with synths, upbeat guitars, and lively percussion.

For the first time, all Hachiku band members contribute to a single track, with Jessie Warren and Georgia Smith lending their harmonies. “I like to envision them as a choir of reassuring angels behind me,” Ostendorf remarks. 

The music video for “Time Wasted Worrying” perfectly complements the song’s buoyant feel. Co-directed by Ostendorf and Mike Ridley and shot on 16mm film, it captures the band enjoying themselves in Naarm’s parks and playgrounds, accompanied by cheerful yellow balloons. You can watch it below.

As Ostendorf puts it, “Nothing more fun and carefree than frolicking through some of Naarm’s finest Northern suburb parks and playgrounds blowing bubbles, throwing cart wheels and exerting more energy than I have in the last 10 years combined.”

“Time Wasted Worrying” follows up on Hachiku’s 2021 collaboration with Jen Cloher, “Fairytale in the Supermarket”, and marks their first standalone release since their critically acclaimed debut album, “I’ll Probably Be Asleep” (2020).

Hachiku’s “Time Wasted Worrying” is out now via Marathon Artists/Independent.