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Song You Need to Know: GRXCE, ‘Everything I Wanted’

GRXCE battle gender limitations on the spirited indie rock single


Sevin Pakbaz

If you’re a musician, or anybody within the creative industry, the COVID-19 pandemic likely massively altered your plans. But for Sydney locals GRXCE, it was their origin.

They collided on Facebook towards the end of 2021 and haven’t looked back since, attracting a fanbase and national appreciation for songs like “Wasted on You” and “Family Traditions”, both released earlier this year.

“Everything I Wanted” is the band’s most recent single, and the spirited indie rock track is extremely layered from production to lyricism. Featuring booming drums, acoustic guitar, and sombre vocals, “Everything I Wanted” is a rollercoaster ride in the best way. As vocalist Jamila Grace takes to the mic, it’s impossible to miss the genuine emotion and first-hand experience behind this song.

“”Everything I Wanted” depicts the catastrophisation of the future and the different paths life can take both you and the people around you” explains Grace. “When I wrote this track I was very much grappling with how I pictured my life evolving overtime and my limitations I felt were imposed on me as a woman when choosing my career as a priority over the usual expectations to be a partner, or a mother, or a wife.”

It’s a single that allows listeners into the struggles of local musicians like Grace – Australian bands like hers may be gaining more and more festival posts and national acclaim with each release, but all still have personal issues to contend with behind closed doors at the same time.

As a band, GRXCE’s identity has always been ‘sad music you can dance to,’ so exploring real topics and allowing their vulnerability to shine through their music is nothing new.

Despite “Everything I Wanted” being only their fourth release together, their future looks extremely bright. They’re on tour this month, performing four shows between September 15th-October 6th in Towradgi, Port Macquarie, Brisbane, and Sydney (more information here).

GRXCE’s “Everything I Wanted” is out now.