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Song You Need to Know: Georgia Gets By, ‘When All You Can Manage Is a Sigh’

Explore a gentler side of Georgia Nott, one-half of the global sensation BROODS, with her newest solo release

Georgia Gets By


Georgia Nott, half of the brother-sister electronic duo BROODS, is known for blasting out synth-pop hits that resonate globally.

But as her own solo act, Georgia Gets By, she reveals a more introspective and subdued side—a new direction introduced by last year’s striking debut EP, Fish Bird Baby Boy.

Her latest single, “When All You Can Manage Is a Sigh”, is a tender ballad with gentle drumming and soft keyboard melodies, offering solace during tough times. Written as a parting gift for a friend facing a divorce, the song carries a message about finding beauty in vulnerability.

The accompanying video, set in a sun-bathed field with butterfly catches and vast open blue skies, perfectly captures the song’s brief moment of respite. 

“I wrote this song for a friend a few years ago while they were navigating a divorce. There are those moments where thinking can’t balance out the feelings. You can rationalise all you want but you are still there, holding that enormous heavy sensation that no words can describe,” Nott says. 

“There, on the other side of falling in love, looking around at empty space and wondering whether you can bear to try it all again. This song is a parting gift of some sorts; something to fill the emptiness for a couple of minutes. As Imogen Heap says ‘there is beauty in the breakdown.” 

In tour news, Georgia Gets By is set to kick off her first-ever live shows with a string of tour dates in 2024, supporting Fish Bird Baby Boy. The tour includes dates in Australia and New Zealand (full dates below).

Georgia Gets By – “When All You Can Manage Is A Sigh” is out now. 

Georgia Gets By Fish Bird Baby Boy Tour 

Tickets available now via georgiagetsby.com/tour

Friday, February 23rd
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday, February 24th
Landsdowne Hotel,  Sydney, NSW

Friday, March 1st
Whammy Bar, Auckland, NZ

Saturday, March 2nd
San Fran, Wellington, NZ