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This Australian Pop Star Released A Loving Ode to Danny DeVito

Evie Irie’s pop-punk single is fuelled by her overwhelming adulation for the ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ actor

Evie Irie Danny DeVito

In this age of self-empowerment and manifestation, if you want something, you really want something, you’ve got to go out and make it happen. So, if you really want to meet Hollywood legend Danny DeVito, like Evie Irie, why not write a song declaring your love for him?

The fledgling Australian pop star released “I Want It (Danny DeVito)” – straight to the point with that title – last week, and it’s a track fuelled by her overwhelming adulation for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor.

The single – cutely or chillingly, dependently on how you see it – marks the beginning of Irie’s quest to track DeVito down. In fact, Irie will soon be treating fans to a full-length rockumentary documenting her ambitious pursuit.

The atmosphere of the pop-punk track, however, is firmly tongue-in-cheek. “Danny DeVito, you could eat my Cheetos,” Irie wryly sings.

Irie wanted to capture the “fun and irreverent side” of pop songwriting in her single, which feels ripe for viral success. “In this track, I sing about some of my favourite things – chicken strips, French fries, and Danny DeVito,” she explains. In what order do those three things come, though?

“I Want It (Danny DeVito)” is Irie’s first single of the year, following last year’s collaboration with Isaiah Firebrace. In 2021, she worked with Tim Minchin on “Beautiful Ugly”, a number from the Back to the Outback soundtrack.

Born in Australia but now based in Los Angeles, Irie relocated to Nashville at the age of 15. One year later, she signed a major record deal with Republic Records. Her sugary songs have since been featured in several notable TV shows and films, including The Bold Type and The Hills, and she’s always earned support slots for Amy Shark, Sigrid and more.

There’s just one pertinent question, though: how does one follow up a song about Danny DeVito?

Evie Irie’s “I Want It (Danny DeVito)” is out now.