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Drug Church Give Us an Antidote to the Onslaught of Bad News

“News flash: I need news less,” Patrick Kindlon sings on “Million Miles of Fun.” Don’t we all?

In a world where our morning wake-up call often amounts to a deluge of notifications about death, destruction, and the mundane minutiae of celebrities, a good rage-dance once in a while helps cleanse the palate. New York post-hardcore band Drug Church have the antidote to the onslaught in “Million Miles of Fun,” off their upcoming album, Hygiene, out March 11.

Kicking off with some pretty straight-shooting interplay between electric guitar and drums — and is that a recorder? — the track finds frontman Patrick Kindlon lamenting: “These things I read about the way the world works/I lift the spoon to socket and dig my eyes out.” As he gets increasingly incensed about those unnamed things (politics? war? the machinations of TikTok’s elite?), his voice builds to a steady roar until finally proclaiming, in a delightfully bratty wail, “News flash: I need news less.”

Clocking in at just over two minutes and two verses (by the second, Kindlon’s ready to “take a roller to my thoughts and beat the knots out”), Drug Church get in and out and get the job done. The job: taking our minds off the deluge long enough that we can find some sanity in the lack thereof.

From Rolling Stone US