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‘In My Room’ With Cody Jon

Cody Jon is an Australian pop star on the rise whose stock is growing in the global game

Move over Pitbull, there’s about to be a new Mr. Worldwide. His name is Cody Jon and he’s an Australian pop star on the rise whose stock is growing in the global game.

This week, a video of Jon played above Tokyo’s famous Shibuya Crossing, advertising his upcoming December show in the city. His Instagram has been filled in recent months with clips of him travelling around the US, particularly in Los Angeles, and that’s where Jon filmed his ‘In My Room’ session for Rolling Stone AU/NZ.

From inside producer and artist Cyrus’ LA apartment, the pair performed endearingly acoustic versions of his fizzing and fun-filled pop gems, allowing Jon’s impassioned vocals to come to the fore.

The pair played “STAGEFRIGHT” and “dirty dancing”, two tracks from Jon’s first EP, untied shoes, and his second record is already incoming just months after the release of his debut collection: Jon’s new EP, DEATH WOBBLES, is out Friday, November 3rd, containing recent singles “SHOOT!” and the title track.

According to a press release, “SHOOT!” is about “that one person that everyone has a crush on; the collective impression that makes us all feel like we have a chance yet makes us question if they have insidious intentions or simply have an alluring personality.”

“I made this song with my friend Jondren. It was the day I landed in LA, don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or what but the ideas were flowing. I had just caught up with a friend before I had left and their situation inspired this song. I blended their experience with a similar one of my own and wrote it out in a few hours,” explains Jon.

“Creating this track was a unique experience, super collaborative, Jondren had me sing out the drum pattern, the chordal movement, the string lines, and any ideas that popped up, he then translated that into the production and tracked them in, adding his own flair.

“We both really enjoyed this process and I haven’t had the chance to experiment like this before. Singing the string arrangements and then watching J play them live on his violin was a highlight, I’ve always been a huge fan of strings.”

You can watch Jon’s full ‘In My Room’ session above. His DEATH WOBBLES EP is out Friday, November 3rd via Saint Lucky Records.