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Song You Need to Know: Ayesha Madon, ‘Eulogy’

The ‘Heartbreak High’ star releases a stylish alt-pop anthem ahead of the premiere of season two of her Netflix show

Ayesha Madon

Ayesha Madon

Yasmin Suteja

Multi-hyphenate Ayesha Madon really doesn’t hold back on her new single “Eulogy”.

The rising South Asian-Australian artist unleashes a truly honest internal monologue on “Eulogy”, her words both earnest and existential. Over a cool garage beat, Ayesha urges her listeners to remember her faults as much as celebrate her successes. 

“I was thinking about what I would actually tell people about myself if I had the guts to be honest? Why are we as a society so obsessed with the portrayal of unrealistically epic and perfect versions of ourselves and others? Especially when it’s so far from the messiness of the human experience. It’s about the gross disparity between our carefully crafted images and the sometimes ugly reality of being human,” Ayesha says. 

“Cringe Pinterest quote-energy, but I think there’s way more beauty in the imperfection and pain of reality then in the erasure of it. So the song is about embracing all the BTS footage and dirty laundry that for some reason we never dare to air. Warts n all.”

This might be your first introduction to Ayesha’s music, but you might recognise her from other creative avenues. Ayesha is one of the stars of Heartbreak High, Netflix’s reboot of the beloved 1990s show of the same name. 

The new look Heartbreak High has a similar format to the original with a Gen Z slant, like an Aussie version of Euphoria with much less intensity. Ayesha plays high school student Amerie, who navigates love, sex, and – yes – heartbreak with her friends. The reboot was very well-received by critics and public alike, reaching #5 in Netflix’s top TV shows globally. 

Ayesha is back as Amerie in season two of Heartbreak High, which premieres on Netflix on April 11th. You can watch the season two trailer below. As well as returning to her high-profile TV show, expect more sleek alt-pop anthems from Ayesha later this year. 

Ayesha Madon’s “Eulogy” is out now.