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ASHY Rues Self-Sabotage in Cheeky ‘No Man’s Land’ Video

‘No Man’s Land’ was a standout track on the Christchurch pop artist’s excellent debut EP, ‘Status’

First of all, a disclaimer: including Rolling Stone AU/NZ in your music video won’t guarantee we write about it, but it certainly won’t hinder your chances.

So, when ASHY appeared reading the latest issue of our magazine towards the beginning of her new music video for “No Man’s Land”, it caught the eye, but it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise, really. The Christchurch singer-songwriter featured prominently in our September issue, after all, named as one of Eight Kiwi Artists Tipped to Take Over.

It was an entirely meritorious inclusion: ASHY’s debut EP, Status, dropped earlier this year, and it’s one of the strongest pop records released by an Aotearoa artist in years.

There were standout tracks throughout the EP, from “DO NOT DISTURB”, an electrifying collaboration with Jujulipps, to the cool and confident “LA Talk”, but this week, the Christchurch artist has shared the video for the EP’s lead single, the glistening “No Man’s Land”.

Co-written and produced by Melbourne-based producer Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Ali Barter) with additional production by Liam Quinn (Peach PRC), “No Man’s Land” was written during a Zoom session.

ASHY’s lyrics don’t shy away from the subject of self-sabotage. The track is about being in temporary relationships that almost never amount to anything serious; or constantly leaving relationships in a state of ‘no man’s land’.

The video, which you can watch for the first time below, was filmed at iconic Christchurch hair salon GM Hair Gallery (formerly known as Ginger Meggs). Directed by ASHY herself, the clip cutely plays on the concept of being in ‘no man’s land’.

Following the release of her new music video, ASHY already has big things planned for 2024, including a return to SXSW in Austin. She was given the chance to showcase her music at the original SXSW and the inaugural SXSW Sydney in 2023.

ASHY’s Status EP is out now.