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Chet Faker Showcases Newfound Strength with ‘Hotel Surrender’

As Nick Murphy releases his first new Chet Faker album in seven years, it’s clear that he’s one of Australia’s finest artists.

Image of Chet Faker

Nick Murphy*

When Nick Murphy accidentally made a new Chet Faker record in 2020, he had no idea of the power that lay in his hands. A melodic, almost comforting product of a difficult year, Hotel Surrender is his first new record under this moniker in seven years, and while it’s composition might have preceded some difficult times in Murphy’s own life, by his own admission, it exists to help those who seek it.

With lyrics that speak to his own experiences within the music industry, to tracks that foster the theme of resilience and strength, Hotel Surrender is a welcome return from Murphy’s Chet Faker project, created with the same ethereal qualities that turned him into a global sensation last decade.

Chet Faker’s Hotel Surrender is out now via Detail Records/BMG.

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