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Trailers of the Week: ‘The Devil All the Time,’ ‘Simulation Theory,’ ‘Robin’s Wish,’ and More

From a sci-fi take on a Muse concert to an intimate look inside Robin William’s mind — your week in movie trailers

'Away' movie.



For attractant Emma Green (Hilary Swank), the one thing she’s always been certain of is that she belongs on the first mission to Mars. However, when that day finally comes, fulfilling the mission means spending three years 20 million miles away from her husband and daughter. As if that’s not enough strain for one family, the clip teases a medical crisis experienced by her husband. Too far from home to make a difference, Emma must instead show up for her crew as they get deeper into the mission. (September 4th)

The Devil All the Time

Knockemstiff, Ohio, seems to be filled with God-loving, or, at least, God-fearing people. However, a closer look shows that the evil at work in the world is coming from within their own community and congregation. Based on a gothic novel by Donald Ray Pollock, the Netflix film follows Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) as he fights to keep the sinister forces at bay. (September 16th)

Robin’s Wish

“The human brain is an extraordinary three and a half pound gland,” says Robin Williams. “The moment you think you understand it, it comes out with something else.” The new film tries to understand the brain, and the actions of, a genius – Robin Williams. It highlights the comedian’s struggle with the neurodegenerative disorder, Lewy Body Dementia, while also celebrating his legacy and one-of-a-kind spirit.  (September 1st)

Simulation Theory

Neon text is typed out across the screen with a warning note; “We are caged in simulation.” What follows is both a paranormal, sci-fi investigation speared by a team of scientists and a concert film from Muse, all based upon their 2018 album that shares the film’s name. The concert footage highlights a 2019 performance by the band at London’s O2 Arena, as well as high-tech, otherworldy graphics. The film hit IMAX on August 17th and streaming services on the 21st.

The War With Grandpa 

Robert De Nero’s character arrives at the age where he’s too sharp for a nursing home, but things like going to the grocery store or baking out of the driveway are leading to unwanted trouble. The answer? His daughter welcomes him into her home, but not everyone in the family is excited. De Niro’s grandson is not too happy that his room has been taken over, and a full-on battle of pranks and hijinks ensues. (October 9th)

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