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Why ‘Bullet Train’ Is the Best Action-Comedy of the Year

Since its release in theatres earlier this year, fans of action movies have been talking about little else than ‘Bullet Train’.

Brad Pitt in 'Bullet Train'

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Since its release in theatres earlier this year, fans of action films have been talking about little else than Bullet Train. Having been in the works for a couple of years now, the adaptation of best-selling Japanese novelist Kōtarō Isaka’s Maria Beetle sees Deadpool 2 filmmaker David Leitch directing Academy Award-winning actor Brad Pitt in a masterful combination of the action, thriller, and comedy genres.

The film stars Pitt as Ladybug, an unlucky assassin determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. However, fate seems to have other plans, with Ladybug’s latest mission putting him directly on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe – all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives – while aboard the world’s fastest train in neon-lit Japan.

The film has managed to bring in more than $200 million USD globally at the box office, with critics praising Pitt, and specifically shining a light on the film’s action and martial arts sequences.

Now, the film is receiving a Premium Digital release, meaning you can watch Bullet Train in the comfort of your home. With its comedy and action elements, there’s something for everybody, and that’s without shining a light on the acting talents of Pitt himself.

To celebrate Bullet Train’s arrival onto the Premium Digital market from September 27th, we’re taking a closer look at some of the reasons why it’s this year’s best action-comedy.

The All-Star Cast

When a film like Bullet Train boasts Brad Pitt in its lead role, you know the chances are close to perfect it’s on track to be an enjoyable experience. But if you fail to look past the credits’ top billing, you’re probably doing yourself a disservice. Case in point: the fact that the film features Joey King as The Prince, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine, and Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon.

But let’s go a bit deeper, and it’s a true all-star cast, complemented by Michael Shannon, Sandra Bullock, and even Bad Bunny in his most prominent acting role to date. And of course, that’s without mentioning some surprise cameos which you ought to find out about yourself. No Spoilers! 

The Unstoppable Action Sequences

Put the word ‘assassin’ into any action film, and it’s already writing a cheque you can’t wait to cash. For Bullet Train, that’s exactly the case, with Pitt’s Ladybug character suddenly forced into conflict with a number of other contract killers.

The high-energy, high-stakes plot is further enhanced by the addition of its myriad action-packed martial arts sequences, along with the crafty motives of its characters, with each assassin boasting a specialty which gives them the edge above the other. Add that to the fact that Pitt reportedly did close to all of his own stunts, and you’ve got a film as impressive as it is action-filled.

The Neon-Lit Setting

Adapted from Kōtarō Isaka’s novel Maria Beetle, featuring the kaleidoscopic, neon-lit scenery of Japan, and boasting the acclaimed cinematography of Jonathan Sela, Bullet Train could easily serve as a tourism advert for Japan as much as it does as a beacon of quality for action films.

The futuristic setting and highly-stylised visuals combine to craft an experience rarely seen in action films of the modern era, making Bullet Train a true tour de force of the visual medium.

The Comedic Brilliance

Sure, it might be a film that’s heavy on the action, strong on the visuals, and provides one of the best casts on offer, but it’s pretty hard to look past the comedic focus that Bullet Train brings to the table as well. Whether it be through its sharp dialogue or its more straight-up humorous moments, it’s a film that refuses to adhere to the serious nature of most action films. 

With the likes of Deadpool 2 filmmaker David Leitch’s talents, the stellar writing of Zak Olkewicz, and the talents of Pitt and his immeasurably-talented cast-mates, Bullet Train arrives as an action-packed delight that doesn’t forget to lean on a sense of fun.

The Acclaimed Director

It’s impossible to go past a film like Bullet Train without paying tribute to its director, David Leitch. Having first worked as a stunt double for Pitt in the ’90s, Leitch moved into directing in 2014 with John Wick. Since then, he’s managed to make a name for himself as one of the go-to names for action films.

Adding his own unique touch onto Bullet Train sees him ensuring that it’s set to be remembered as not just one of the most iconic action-comedy films of the year, but of all time.

Bullet Train is available now to rent or buy