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Get Ready to Slay: Panhead Launches Rock-Powered Beer Vending Machine at 2023 Rolling Stone Aotearoa Awards

A longtime supporter of homegrown music, Panhead Custom Ales supports individualism and people doing things their own way

Panhead Beer Vending Machine


Rock and roll is all about living life loud. Whether you’re shredding on stage or catching up with mates for a cold one, being unapologetically who you are is what’s created some of the greatest rock icons of our time. 

Wellington-born Panhead Custom Ales knows a thing or two about being unapologetic. A longtime supporter of homegrown music, Panhead supports individualism and people doing things their own way. 

A champion for rascals everywhere, who better than Panhead to create the world’s first vending machine powered by shredding? 

The Slay to Pay vending machine is equipped with a fully-specced Explorer guitar and uses AI to rate people’s guitar skills in real-time, rewarding those with the skills with an ice-cold Panhead beer. 

The Slay to Pay machine debuted at the 2023 Rolling Stone Aotearoa Awards, giving some homegrown music icons the chance to test it out.

Coterie’s Conrad Fisher, The Beths’ Elizabeth Stokes, L.A.B’s Joel Shadbolt, and Bic Runga all had a go, putting their abilities to the test and being rewarded with a Panhead Nayslayer Pacific IPA. 

But don’t be fooled, the Slay to Pay vending machine isn’t an easy challenge. It rejected some of the best guitarists in the country, but as every rockstar knows, it’s not just about being the best, it’s about never giving up on your dreams. 

“The 2023 Rolling Stone Aotearoa Awards recognised some of the greatest rockstars in the country, so it was the perfect time to debut the Panhead Custom Ales’ Slay to Pay platform and really test those skills,” said Rebecca Sinclair, Head of Brand and Creative at Panhead Brewery. 

“All of us have a little bit of rockstar within us and there’s no better way to bring it out than with the potential of receiving a refreshing beverage at the end of a shredding session.”

After a busy season, Panhead have now retired the machine for 2023 but will be bringing it back in the new year with slaying for merch.

The perfect platform for rockstars and dreamers alike, those that think their skills are up to the Slay to Pay task should check out the video here, follow Panhead’s Instagram and check out Panhead’s website for updates.