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Hyper Karting Is Your First Stop for Family-Friendly Fun and Excitement

Hyper Karting is all the thrills of regular karting turned up to eleven, and filtered through a lens of kaleidoscopic colour and unrelenting enjoyment

Hyper Karting Sydney


Are you a thrill-seeker? Are you someone who lives for the adrenaline rush you can only get from those high-energy activities? Well, then you’re more than likely across the world of karting. But, are you across the world of Hyper Karting? If not, then you might want to listen up…

Hyper Karting is, put simply, all the thrills of regular karting turned up to eleven, and filtered through a lens of kaleidoscopic colour and unrelenting enjoyment.

For those in the know, you’d probably be aware that Hyper Karting has been around for about three years now. First kicking off back in 2021 when the pandemic was raging on, brothers Andrew and Peter Richardson looked around Sydney and decided to inject some fun back into the world. 

Taking over level five of The Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, things quickly kicked into gear, and at a time when people were stuck inside and longing for a return to normalcy, Hyper Karting took off, running laps around the competition without so much as a single pit-stop.

It’s easy to see why it quickly became a go-to pastime, too. With a 410m track, it made a name for itself as Australia’s longest indoor go-kart track, decked out with a fleet of state-of-the-art, all electric go-karts imported from Germany on hand to whip racers around the vast variety of technical turns and wide strips. 

They’ve also got a mini track on offer for the ankle biters aged between three and seven, giving them a chance to hone their skills away from the older racers before they too start racing circles around you. 

In fact, there’s plenty on offer for everyone. Alongside the karting aspect, there’s their Hyper Reality attraction, which has drawn in legions of newfound fans since it opened early last year. Boasting a 10×10 metre free-roam arena designed for six players at a time, it also has wireless controllers and headsets, and 4D haptic gaming vests.

Setting itself up to be a wholly unique experience, it gives you and your friends or family the chance to partake in the immersive VR worlds of games such as Death Squad, Cyber Clash, and Kitchen Panic.

Alongside the above, there’s also the newly added Party Playland, which takes games in the VR arena to another level. 

The three mini games – Chick-N-Fish, Octodrop, and Trap Dash – give players the chance to navigate the farm while fishing for magnetic chickens, to pretend the floor is lava as you jump between floating platforms, and to manoeuver your way through this airborne obstacle course, respectively. Add in arcade games as well, and there’s options to suit all speeds.

A fun, safe, and family-friendly experience suited for adrenaline-lovers of all ages, Hyper Karting is the perfect outing for anyone, well suited for school holidays fun, and easily one of the most exhilarating adventures one can undertake in Sydney. If you thought New South Wales was a hub of fun and entertainment beforehand, you’ll undoubtedly find your expectations well and truly exceeded thanks to Hyper Karting.

If you’re a frequent visitor to the world of Hyper Karting, then you’re already aware of just how exciting and immersive it all can be, but if you’ve not yet initiated yourself into the world that awaits, you’re in prime position to experience something amazing for the first time.

Hyper Karting is also offering a special discount code to Rolling Stone AU/NZ readers, with 20% off available to those who use the code RSRACERS24.

Whether you’re a frequent visitor, a first-timer, an adrenaline junkie who loves to lose yourself in all things fun and exciting, or someone looking for school holiday activities, then Hyper Karting needs to be on top of your list today. Go beyond the ordinary, and head to their website to book your own experience now!