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‘Too Long; Didn’t Watch’ Recap: Gillian Jacobs Cross-Examines ‘The Good Wife’

On the latest episode of the new Rolling Stone/OBB Sound TV podcast, the ‘Community’ star joins host Alan Sepinwall to take a closer look at the long-running CBS legal drama

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Welcome to Too Long; Didn’t Watch, a TV podcast produced by Rolling Stone and OBB Sound, presented by Google Assistant, and hosted by yours truly. In each episode, we attempt a new method of scaling Peak TV, by pairing a celebrity guest with a series they’ve never seen and showing them only the very first and very last episodes, to see if they can figure out what in the world happened in between.

We decided to try something a little different this week, by matching our latest guest star with a show where she had not only seen the pilot already, she was in the pilot. In the same pilot season where Gillian Jacobs booked the role of Britta on Community, she was also hired for what was meant to be a recurring role on The Good Wife as Sonia, an assistant to both Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies) and Cary Agos (Matt Czurchy) as they competed for what was meant to be a single associate position at the law firm. It’s not uncommon for actors to take multiple roles in the same pilot season, since so few pilots actually get picked up in the broadcast network development process. In this case, both shows did, and because Jacobs was a regular on Community and only a guest star on Good Wife, she would spend the next six years of her life on the campus of Greendale Community College  — which in turn made her much too busy to keep up with Alicia, Cary, Diane, and all the rest of the gang at Lockhart Gardner.

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So Jacobs and I watched her brief work in The Good Wife pilot, and talked about her experience filming the show in the rush of pilot season, then jumped all the way to the series finale to see if she could make sense of everything that had changed since Sonia last pushed a mail trolley around the office.

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Back next week with our own first-season finale, as another special guest joins us to discover how Dexter went from serial killer to lumberjack.

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