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triple j Announces Special Edition of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is set to kick off a bit earlier this year, with triple j bringing the date forward to help raise much-needed funds for Support Act.

Promo image of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day from triple j

triple j are bringing music-lovers an extra edition of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day this year.

triple j/Supplied

It’s one of the biggest days on the calendar for the music-loving t-shirt wearer, but now triple j have unveiled a special edition of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is set to take place next month.

Started by triple j back in 2014, Ausmusic T-Shirt Day takes place each November and encourages lovers of music to rep their favourite local artists’ merch on the day, while also donating funds to Support Act.

Over the years though, it’s grown immensely, and now numerous special-edition designs are often cooked up to coincide with the day, with creators, retailers, labels, and organisations donating hefty portions of the proceeds to Support Act.

Last year’s event took place on November 15th and was undoubtedly another roaring success, both according to our social media feeds, and the $250,000 that ARIA CEO Dan Rosen revealed was raised for Support Act. However, with the current state of the industry, it’s time for 2020’s edition to take place quite a bit earlier than planned.


Announced today, triple j have revealed they’re bringing Ausmusic T-Shirt Day ahead seven months in an effort to help raise much-needed funds for Support Act during the industry’s biggest rough patch in living memory.

While venues are closed, artists are unable to play live shows, meaning that promoters, publicists, venue owners, bar stuff, sound engineers, and countless others are without dependable income at the current time. Thankfully, Support Act are doing all they can to help out, and while initiatives like Sound of Silence help to point out where music-lovers can help out, they need financial support as well.

With this in mind, triple j have locked in Friday, April 17th as the upcoming date for Ausmusic T-Shirt Day, while they’ll be broadcasting nothing but Australian music all day across the ABC’s networks including triple j, Double J, triple j Unearthed, ABC Radio, ABC Country, ABC Classic, and ABC Jazz.

While the only downside to this early Ausmusic T-Shirt Day is the fact that you won’t be able to rep your threads on the street or at a gig (seriously, stay home), it sounds as though you’ll get the chance again in November, with this April edition serving as an extra chance to support local artists and donate to a worthy cause.