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TISM Continue Ongoing Reissue Series with Final ‘Albun’, Remixes

Pressing 2004’s The White Albun on vinyl for the first time, TISM will also unveil a record of Collected Remixes.

Image of TISM during their 'White Albun' era.


Australian alt-rock icons TISM have continued their ongoing reissue series, this time looking towards the end of their career with a focus on their final record, The White Albun, and a collection of their remixes.

Originally released back in June of 2004, the group’s last record was something of an interesting piece of content for fans of the band, given that it was released in a box set containing both the original album, and two DVDs. The first DVD featured footage of their ‘Save Our TISM’ ‘benefit’ concert from 2003 in which the band supposedly breaks up, while the second included a documentary on the band, home movies, and their complete run of music videos.

While the album became the band’s first to fail to chart (though it did hit #14 on the DVD Chart), it received some viral success for the group, thanks in part to the Bernard Derriman-directed video for “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex than Me”, which found its way onto countless video-sharing sites in 2004 and 2005.

Speaking of the record’s rather unique title upon its initial release, frontman Ron Hitler-Barassi poked fun at then-rising rock outfit Jet, whose founding members – Nic and Chris Cester – are in fact the nephews of TISM keyboardist Eugene de la Hot-Croix Bun.

“By calling it The White Albun, we are simply doing to a Beatles album title what Jet do to Beatles music – that is, copying it and changing it a bit,” Barassi told The Herald Sun. “If it works for those boys, it might work for us.”

Ultimately, The White Albun would spell the end of TISM’s career, with a final tour being capped off with a somewhat inexplicable performance at the Earthcore festival in November of 2004. While TISM never officially announced their split, this show would become the final live appearance made by the band.

17 years later however, The White Albun is officially being released as part of the group’s ongoing series of reissues on September 17th. In addition to being issued on CD once again, the record will also be given its first-ever vinyl pressing, with the album being made available on both limited white vinyl, and a standard black edition. Initial copies also come packaged with a 7″ EP featuring tracks from their ‘Save Our TISM’ concert, while CD editions feature the whole concert as a bonus disc.

Meanwhile, news of the forthcoming release is also paired with a compilation record, Collected Remixes, doing exactly what it says on the tin and collecting the entirety of the group’s remixes on both black and “lucky dip” coloured vinyl. Notable additions to the collection include the whole set of remixes for the band’s “Jung Talent Time” single, the “Strictly Refuse” remix for the heavily underrated “Strictly Loungeroom”, and the previously unreleased “Give Up”, which is a reworked version of “Give Up For Australia”.

TISM initially launched their reissue series last year, kicking things off with a vinyl single of their cover of AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock”, the completely silent Omni-Album, and a recording of the band’s final concert, titled On Behalf of TISM, I Would Like to Concede We Have Lost the Election. Since then, a seven-inch single was issued for Record Store Day, while some mostly-unheard ’80s material – by way of an original demo tape and a live rehearsal – was unveiled in July.

Reissued versions of TISM’s The White Albun, along with their Collected Remixes compilation, will be released on September 17th, with pre-orders available now.

TISM - White Albun

TISM – The White Albun tracklist

Vinyl and CD

Side One
1. Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
2. Bone Idol
3. Message From A Big Day Out Port-A-Loo
4. DJ Trevor

Side Two
1. I Rooted A Girl Who Rooted A Guy Who Rooted A Girl Who Rooted A Guy Who Rooted A Girl Who Rooted Shane Crawford
2. The Birth Of Uncool
3. As Seen On Reality
4. The Song Of The Quarter-Time Siren (Car Battery)

Side Three
1. Diffident Strokes
2. Ken Bruce Has Gone Mad
3. Sorted for D ‘n’ M
4. Cerebral Knievel

Side Four
1. Tonight, Harry’s Practice Visits The Home Of Charlie “Bird” Parker
2. Somebody Start A Fight Or Something
3. Neck It
4. TISM are Shit

Bonus 7″ EP (live tracks from Save Our TISM)

Side One
1. I Don’t Give A Fuck
2. I Drive A Truck

Side Two
1. I’ll Ave Ya
2. Sid Viscous

Bonus Disc for CD Editions (live tracks from Save Our TISM)

1. I Don’t Give a Fuck
2. Death, Death, Death
3. I’m Interested in Apathy
4. 40 Years – Then Death
5. Sid Viscous
6. Saturday Night Palsy
7. Five Yards
8. Whatareya?
9. Don’t Tell Me You Didn’t Know
10. All Homeboys Are Dickheads
11. Root
12. Greg! The Stop Sign!!
13. I’ll ‘Ave Ya
14. (He’ll Never Be An) Ol’ Man River
15. TISM Are Shit
16. I Drive a Truck
17. BFW
18. Defecate On My Face

TISM - Collected Remixes

TISM – Collected Remixes tracklist

Side One
1. Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me (Laurence Maddy remix)
2. Defecate On My Face (MFG remix)
3. Yob (extended remix)
4. Strictly Refuse (remix of Strictly Loungeroom)
5. Junk (remix of Garbage)

Side Two
1. All Homeboys Are Dickheads (extended remix)
2. Jung Talent Time (remix 8)
3. Defecate On My Face (Monosurround mix)
4. Shut Up – The Footy’s On The Radio (extended mix)

Side Three
1. Rubbish (remix of Garbage)
2. Everyone Has Had More Sex Than Me (karaoke mix)
3. Jung Talent Time (remix 3)
4. Give Up (remix of Give Up For Australia)
5. Shut Up – The Footy’s On The Radio (MMM mix)
6. I Might Be A Cunt, But I’m Not A Fucking Cunt (karaoke mix)

Side Four
1. Jung Talent Time (remix 2)
2. Jung Talent Time (remix 4)
3. Jung Talent Time (remix 7)
4. Jung Talent Time (remix 5)
5. Jung Talent Time (remix 6)