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The Butterfly Effect Share New Single, ‘Nil By Mouth’

The latest taste of their long-awaited fourth album, “Nil By Mouth” is a blistering piece of work from Brisbane icons, The Butterfly Effect.

Just a few months on from the release of “So Tired”, Brisbane heavy icons The Butterfly Effect have returned with the latest taste of their forthcoming album, sharing the brutal “Nil By Mouth”.

Kicking things off with a blistering riff that proves The Butterfly Effect are just as powerful as ever, the track continues into a huge, anthemic rumination on the way that the world vicariously lives through celebrity, whether it be for positive or negative reasons.

“‘Nil By Mouth’ represents the world’s obsession with fame at any cost,” explains vocalist Clint Boge. “It’s also about the absolute craziness we see on TV all the time – humans behaving badly, the drama, murder, death, rape, torture – and that’s just on the 5 o’clock news.

“And that’s before we even get to social media – bullying, pornography, invasions of privacy, people at each others’ throats all the time – it’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he adds. “We are being constantly bombarded with the worst that human kind has to offer.”

“Nil By Mouth” follows on from 2021’s “So Tired”, which itself was the follow-up to 2019’s “Unbroken”, and heralds the new era of the band. Having last released an album by way of 2008’s Final Conversation of Kings, the band announced a split with Boge in 2012. While they recruited vocalist Paul Galagher in the interim, a brief split predated Boge’s return in 2017, with the band eagerly looking forward to the future.

Having previously teased the release of their new album for 2022, full details are currently unclear as to when it may arrive, or what it may sound like. However, given the brutality present on their recent singles, it appears as though The Butterfly Effect’s long-awaited fourth album may just be on track to be one of their finest works to date.

The Butterfly Effect’s “Nil By Mouth” is out now.