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Song You Need to Know: Portair, ‘Alaska’

A stunning track about now letting opportunities pass by, “Alaska” is a tender, reflective piece from Portair.


Sydney-born, Los Angeles-based producer Portair has continued his prolific run of stellar singles, sharing the truly mesmerising “Alaska” just last week.

Following on from the release of tracks such as “Point of View”, “Lost in The Dark”, and “Out of Focus” in recent months, “Alaska” is a truly arresting acoustic number which sees the somewhat mysterious artist putting his soul on the line and singing about achieving the dreams that one may hold.

“The opening lyric is ‘I’ve never seen an Alaskan sky, I want to see it before I die,” Portair explains. “This song is written about my desire to be with nature, to be disconnected from the insane distractions and terrible habits of the modern world, and to be connected to the real world, which is nature.

“It’s about pursuing your dreams and truly living a life that is fulfilling. Sometimes we need to get away from the city and deal with our trauma in a way that comes naturally. It’s about living the best life you can, before you die.”

With stylistic and vocal comparisons able to be drawn to the likes of Bon Iver or City and Colour, Portair’s “Alaska” is one of those songs that has the ability to stop you in your tracks as you try and imagine how you ever lived without in your life.

2021 has so far been an immensely prolific year for Portair, with his recent singles following on from the release of his The Light That Gives EP from back in June. At this stage, it’s unclear whether a new EP or a larger body of work is on the way, but with tracks such as “Alaska” up his sleeve, it’s obvious that Portair has innate knowledge of how to speak to the soul via his musical talents.

Portair’s “Alaska” is out now.