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Song You Need to Know: Portair, ‘Out of Focus’

The latest track from Sydney-born, Los Angeles-based producer Portair, “Out of Focus” is an immersive ode to the struggles surrounding long-distance relationships.

Ashley Osborn*

Sydney-born, Los Angeles-based producer Portair has invited us all into the blissful world his music inhabits, with the smooth “Out of Focus” arriving today.

Having been on the scene a few years now, Portair is an artist shrouded in mystery, with the artist’s identity being overlooked in favour of allowing the listener to focus in on their emotive lyrics and their ambient, alternative sounds.

Unveiling his The Light That Gives EP earlier in the year, Portair has been quick to keep sharing stunning work, with new single “Out of Focus” following on from the recently-released “Point of View”. A mesmerising piece of ambient indie music, “Out of Focus” ebbs and flows as luscious vocals flow out atop a bed of beautiful, atmospheric sounds, allowing the listener to get lost within the track.

“This song is written about a long-distance relationship and the struggles that come with that. It’s about the beautiful feeling of a new love when you find it for the first time,” Portair explains of the track. “It is a hopeful song about holding on even in the most difficult of times. Billions of people search and long for a love that we are so lucky to have found. Let’s do everything in our power to not lose focus of that.”

Officially released today, “Out of Focus” is set to appear on Portair’s forthcoming The Ice That Breaks EP, which is on track to arrive in January. Following on from his previous body of work, the new EP feels like an evolution of The Light That Gives, ultimately a separate piece of work but one connected in spirit.

The Light That Gives is the sun that grows a plant from a seed,” Portair adds. “The Ice That Breaks is where all of a sudden you reach a certain age and wonder, how do I live my best life with what I’ve got?”

Portair’s “Out of Focus” is out now.