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Song You Need to Know: Jack Bratt, ‘Will You Ever’

Following two singles throughout the year, ‘Will You Ever’ sees Jack Bratt breaking new musical ground for his latest track.

Image of Jack Bratt

Jack Bratt has released three singles in 2020, with 'Will You Ever' showcasing a distinct shift in style.


As the year comes to a close, Jack Bratt shares his third single, with the slick “Will You Ever” serving as one of his most powerful tracks to date.

Set for an official release tomorrow, “Will You Ever” sees Bratt embracing something of a tonal shift in this new single, with the expansive rock sound of previous singles “Spades” and “The Outsider” being eschewed in favour of something more intimate and soulful. Warm, bluesy guitar lines, a mesmerising chorus, and Bratt’s gorgeous vocals combine to create this immersive track which showcases an entirely different side to the artist.

“I wrote this song at a pretty pivotal moment in my life, coming of age, realising that falling in love is the easy part, it’s maintaining it and nurturing it that takes work,” Bratt explained of the track. “I realised love is a journey, not a destination.”

Clearly destined to be a fixture on playlists the world over in no time, “Will You Ever” is just the latest track to be released by Bratt during a year that didn’t quite go to plan.

Having taken out the Grant McLennan Fellowship in 2019, Bratt was set to make his way to New York City this year for a three-month residency that would help to seed and nurture his own creative talents. Unfortunately, with a pandemic putting these plans on ice, the Brisbane artist found himself with more time on his hands than first planned, utilising this opportunity to work on new music.

While the next step of Bratt’s career remains unclear to the public at the current time, this run of singles has proven that whatever may happen next, it’s on track to be of an already high standard.

Jack Bratt’s ‘Will You Ever’ is officially out on Thursday, November 12th, with pre-saves available now.