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Song You Need to Know: Jack Bratt, ‘The Outsider’

In his second single of 2020, “The Outsider’ sees Jack Bratt capturing the feelings of a world on hold with his slick piece of alt-rock.


Brisbane musician Jack Bratt has shared his single of 2020, with “The Outsider” and its accompanying video arriving this week.

Premiering over the last few days, “The Outsider” follows on from the release of Bratt’s “Spades” back in April, and features the acclaimed artist continuing his powerful rock sound thanks to production from Joel Myles.

Featuring sharp lyrics that reflect on the feelings that people are experiencing globally thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, Bratt explains that the track’s message surrounds the anxieties of not quite fitting in, or living up the perceptions that everyone believes others hold.

“You may have an idea about how others view you, but that’s not necessarily who you are,” Bratt explains. “It’s easy to think somebody might be doing really well, but that could just be a front, while they’re dealing with a lot of problems. I think what I’ve learned from being in lockdown and having conversations with friends, is that nobody is really okay; we all have our own struggles.”

Having been named a Grant McLennan Fellowship winner last year, 2020 was supposed to see Bratt head over to the US in June for a three month artist residency in New York City. Unfortunately, with the state of affairs putting a momentary hold on these plans, Bratt’s music has helped fill in that time, with tracks like “The Outsider” speaking to the current state of the music industry, and the effect it has had on mental health.

“Anxiety is at the core of the song,” he continues. “It’s really about trying to get by, but everybody is carrying around some sort of pain with them. It’s alarming how many people I know especially in the music industry who suffer with anxiety and mental health.”

“The Outsider” also comes backed by a Bradley Murnane-directed video which seems to follow in the vein of the 1976 Nicolas Roeg film, The Man Who Fell to Earth, and follows the story of a wayward astronaut looking for a way home, but finding love along the way.

While this single serves as Bratt’s second release of 2020, he’s currently hard at work on his debut album, which is slated for release in early 2021.

Jack Bratt’s “The Outsider” is out now.