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Song You Need to Know: Anty, ‘(One Step Beyond) Two Back’

With The Bennies currently on hiatus, frontman Anty Horgan has gone solo, announcing his debut album, Rude Boy, which arrives next month.

The Bennies' Anty Horgan has dropped his debut solo record, and it's a reggae-infused corker.


After years spent fronting Melbourne party-starters The Bennies, frontman Anty Horgan is officially going solo, announcing the release of his debut album, Rude Boy.

Having shared a handful of singles over the past two years, the idea of a solo release from Anty isn’t exactly a foreign one to fans of his work. With The Bennies announcing a temporary hiatus at the start of the year though, it appears that time off has lent itself to a purple patch of creativity, with Rude Boy set to arrive on December 11th.

“This is reggae hip hop and it’s out of control,” he sings on “The Anty Affliction”, giving fans an idea of just how to characterise his unique record. Bold and forceful, Rude Boy features the same forceful vocals fans know Anty for, but with the blended addition of Jamaican dancehall sounds, combined with the same kind of stream-of-consciousness-poetry utilised by the likes of The Streets’ Mike Skinner.

Lead single “(One Step Beyond) Two Back” sees the perfect fusion of these elements, with Anty lamenting the problems faced by many people – especially in a year such as 2020 – and backing it up with the almost audible middle-finger of a chorus: “I don’t give a fuck what you say to me, I am well and truly very unhappy“.

Paired with a video directed by Nick Manuell, Anty is almost paradoxically at his best, providing a message of hope as he performs the track, gearing fans up for one of the most concentrated releases of his entire career.

While “(One Step Beyond) Two Back” will officially hit streaming services on Wednesday, November 25th, pre-orders for Anty’s Rude Boy record are available now via Artist First in a variety of bundles. It’s currently unclear whether the release of the record will be supported by any live dates, though as Victoria cautiously begins to reopen its live venues, more details could be announced in the near future.

Anty’s Rude Boy is set to be released on Friday, December 11th via Disdain Records, with pre-orders available now.

Anty – Rude Boy tracklist

1. Dancehall Massacre
2. The Anti Affliction
3. One Step Beyond (Two Back)
4. Eternal Safari (Prod & Ft Ethan Delcarmen)
5. Partyboy Moonstomp
6. Noxious Weed
7. Officer (Ft Tanti)
8. Contradiction
9. Skunky Kingston
10. Confession To A Diary
11. Like Woah (Prod & Ft Ethan Delcarmen)
12. Stranger Things Have Happened
13. Keys To The City (prod & Ft Paul The Kid)
14. Uptown Top Ranting
15. The Disco In The Comedown
16. Keep On