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San Cisco Emerge From Lockdown With New Single, “On the Line’

San Cisco filmed the music video for their latest track on the day that lockdown restrictions eased in Western Australia.

Pooneh Ghana*

It’s barely been a couple of months since the release of their Flaws EP, but already San Cisco are back with a brand new single.

Dubbed “On the Line”, the track is out now, following an audio premiere with FLOOD Magazine, and a video premiere with triple j.

Described by the band as a “lament disguised as a pop song”, “On the Line” is one of those songs which hides a far more serious manner than its cheery façade might indicate.

“The game of love is never an easy one to play,” Jordi Davieson says of the track’s content. “Do you pick up the pieces and move on to something new? Or stick it out for another round of romance?”

Backed by an upbeat music video, the group explain that it was filmed on the day that COVID-19 restrictions had eased, allowing the members of San Cisco to create one of the first music videos of the post-lockdown era.

“It was such a fun day of filming with a great crew,” Jordi told triple j. “We were super excited to be able to come out of isolation and join together as a band for the first time in months to shoot this video.

“We appreciate that at the moment not everyone is as lucky as us, here in Western Australia, to be able to come together in this way. We really hope that those who can’t, will be able to reconnect with loved ones safely soon.”

While San Cisco had been booked for a number of Australian and international dates across much of 2020, their upcoming album plans still appear to be on track, though there’s no word just yet as to when fans will hear more cuts from the new record.