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New ‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’ Podcast: Adele

Rolling Stone AU/NZ’s brand-new podcast takes readers behind the making of its iconic magazine covers

behind the rolling stone cover podcast

Rolling Stone AU/NZ

‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’ is now available to watch and listen on Rolling Stone AU/NZ, and to stream on YouTube, SpotifyApple Podcasts, and all major podcast platforms. The latest issue of Rolling Stone AU/NZ is out now.

Rolling Stone AU/NZ‘s brand-new podcast takes readers behind the making of its iconic magazine covers.

Following previous episodes on Amy Shark, The Amity Affliction and 50 Cent, the publication’s Editor-in-Chief, Poppy Reid, now reads Adele’s 2021 cover story in full.

Written by Rolling Stone‘s Senior Writer Brittany Spanos, the revealing piece about one of the globe’s biggest music stars was published with the teaser: ‘How she turned heartache over her divorce into her most honest album yet’.

Stream the fourth episode of ‘Behind The Rolling Stone Cover’:

Poppy Reid was on-ground at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND conference at the time of recording the podcast and sat down with Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos to dive into the cover story.

Spanos was in town as a keynote speaker at the conference and also took part in MusicNT and the Australia Council for the Arts’ Music Writer’s Lab.

In the wide-ranging chat — where Spanos generously discussed the experience of spending time with arguably the world’s biggest and most elusive artists — Reid commended Spanos’ respect of Adele’s music craft.

While multiple media publications were latching on to Adele’s weight loss and her separation from Simon Konecki, Spanos focused on the art. She didn’t shy away from either topics, noted Reid in the podcast, but she did so in a way that felt credible and considered.

“I really care about making a character piece in terms if how to humanise this person. I think deconstructing them beyond the celebrity of it and the fame and glamour of it is really important to me,” said Spanos.