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‘In My Room’ With Alex The Astronaut

Alex The Astronaut presents an at-home version of “I Didn’t Know” from her debut album for Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’ series.

Alex The Astronaut has offered up a powerful rendition of “I Didn’t Know” for the latest edition of Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’, a series in which artists perform from home while in quarantine.

This year has undoubtedly been a rough one for not just lovers of music, but those that create those joyful sounds for our enjoyment. With venues shut, musicians unable to play, and live music seeming like a thing of the past, it feels like such a long time since fans got a chance to see their favourite artists perform their stunning tracks.

One artist who is likely feeling the effect of this year is Alex The Astronaut, who released her long-awaited debut album, The Theory of Absolutely Nothing, back in August. With an inability to tour, and fans eager to hear the tracks on the record, Alex has taken part in Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’ series to share a full band version of “I Didn’t Know”.

Recording from their respective homes, the socially-distanced cover is undoubtedly one for the times we find ourselves in, with the quartet filming themselves playing the track at almost studio quality.

Speaking to Rolling Stone a few months ago, Alex explained what she’s been up to during this year, and how she’s been coping with a lot more free time on her hands.

“It’s been so strange. Half of me has been struggling a lot with being on my own, and being in isolation and everything, and the other half of me is actually pretty happy with it,” she explained. “So I don’t really know, it’s more of a day-to-day thing. Obviously it’s all very stressful in the music industry and all industries, but yeah, I’ve been quite productive, which is good.

I’ve been learning the drums, which is fun. I’ve learnt how to cook, which is also a good skill to know. I started renovating our garden, which has been a fun little iso task,” she added. “I think it’s been really hard not playing shows, and it’s been really hard watching the world go through this pandemic with lots of people suffering.”

Check out Alex The Astronaut’s performance in the player above, or by heading over to Rolling Stone Australia’s Instagram page. In the meantime, her debut album, The Theory of Absolutely Nothing, was officially released back in August.