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Hilltop Hoods Team up With Eamon for New Single, ‘Show Business’

The first taste of their forthcoming ninth album, ‘Show Business’ is classic Hilltop Hoods as they navigate the ups and downs of the last few years.


Adelaide hip-hop icons the Hilltop Hoods are back with their first new single in almost two years, teaming up with US soul singer Eamon for “Show Business”.

Having last released music by way of the COVID-inspired “I’m Good?” back in 2020, it’s been a little while between drinks for the South Aussie trio, but it’s clear that a bit of time off hasn’t left them uninspired. In fact, they’ve apparently had plenty of gear cooking in the meantime, now returning with the first taste of their upcoming ninth album.

“The idea for ‘Show Business’ came from something my buddy Dools used to say to me whenever he’d call me on the road,” explains Suffa. “I’d inevitably be stuck at a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a hangover whenever he’d call, weeks away from getting home and he’d always laugh and say ‘What, and quit show business?’

“The downs can be quite serious in the music business, particularly over the last two years, but the ups make it worth it,” he adds. “Eamon was the perfect guest for this song, as he’s experienced all of the ‘ins and outs’ of the industry. Apart from that, we are huge fans of his music.”

“It’s a smash song and I think many people will love it for years to come,” adds Eamon. “It was an enjoyable experience making the song. The guys are easy to work with and they’re super talented which makes everything go smoother. I say this with all honesty, Hilltop Hoods are a class act. I consider them friends and working with them has been a great experience.”

In addition to the new single, “Show Business” also comes paired with a music video, filmed by acclaimed Blue Tongue Films director Nash Edgerton (Mr Inbetween, Gringo) in Sydney as a group of clowns fight off some terrifying children.

“I totally relate to the sentiment of the song that no matter what ups and downs this business throws at us what else would we do,” explains Edgerton. “The concept for the video was to cast the Hoods as ultimate kids’ entertainers in a world where kids rule. Pitting kids and clowns against each other was even more fun than I imagined it would be.

“Both sides were super keen to beat down on the other. Also, we had a clown consultant who was very impressed with the Hoods clowning…could be a good side hustle for the boys.”

“‘Show Business’ is a song about the trials of having a lifetime career within the music industry,” adds Pressure. “This is probably my favourite clip of ours, despite looking like a serial killer dressed as a clown. Nash Edgerton killed it; we were super pumped he agreed to do another clip with us after working on ‘I Love It’ with him.”

Though there’s currently no word as to when the Hilltop Hoods will be gearing up to release their ninth album (and first since 2019’s The Great Expanse), if “Show Business” is anything to go by, it’s bound to be another stellar record from the Adelaide icons.

Hilltop Hoods’ “Show Business” is out now.