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Gordi Announces ‘Our Two Skins’ Remix EP

To celebrate the forthcoming release of the new EP, Gordi has shared the Helado Negro remix of album closer, “Free Association”.

Jess Gleeson/Supplied

Just months after the release of her “Extraordinary Life” EP, Gordi is back at it again, this time with an EP full of remixes from her latest album, Our Two Skins.

Originally released back in June of 2020, Our Two Skins served as the second full-length record from Gordi. Receiving widespread acclaim from listeners, the album netted a nomination for Australian Album of the Year at the J Awards, and even scored a nomination for Best Record in the Sailor Jerry Rolling Stone Australia Awards just yesterday.

Having shared a number of remixes as part of October’s “Extraordinary Life” EP, Gordi has now plotted another remix EP of album tracks, this time featuring the work of big names such as Lawrence English, Ryan Hemsworth, Loraine James, Alex Somers, and Camp Cope‘s Georgia Maq.

In celebration of the EP’s announcement, Gordi has shared the Helado Negro remix of album closer “Free Association”, noting in a statement that Roberto Lange’s acclaimed 2019 record This Is How You Smile
was a source of constant comfort for her, having originally met the artist at Berlin’s PEOPLE Festival.

“I must have listened to This Is How You Smile a dozen times when it came out, Gordi explained. “The subtle pulses and feelings that run through the music that Roberto makes are truly unique. Hearing that same life flood through ‘Free Association’ – the closer of Our Two Skins – is very special to me.”

The Helado Negro remix of “Free Association” is out now, while Gordi will release the Our Two Skins (Remixed) EP on Wednesday, January 27th.

Gordi – Our Two Skins (Remixed) EP tracklist:

1. “Radiator” (Lawrence English Remix)
2. “Free Association” (Helado Negro Remix)
3. “Unready” (Loraine James Remix)
4. “Extraordinary Life” (Georgia Maq Remix)
5. “Extraordinary Life” (Alex Somers Remix)
6. “Unready” (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
7. “Radiator” (Lawrence English Remix – Eternal Coda)