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DZ Deathrays Share Explosive New Single, ‘All or Nothing’

The latest taste of ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’, DZ Deathrays describe the song as a testament to what reminds them of home while touring.

Yasmin Suteja*

DZ Deathrays have continued their hot streak, sharing new song “All or Nothing” as the latest single from their highly-anticipated album, Positive Rising: Part 2.

Premiering on triple j’s Drive program on Tuesday, January 20th, “All or Nothing” is described in a press release as a “big f**k off rock song”, and serves as a testament to the things that remind the band of home when they’re out on the road.

“It’s reminiscent of touring life and the idea that something like a guitar can bring so much joy and adventure to our lives,” explains Shane Parsons.

Described as one of the most difficult songs from their new record to finish, Parsons reportedly rewrote the track in different keys in an attempt to “see where it would go”. Ultimately, “All or Nothing” ended up back where it started, serving as a classic example of the now-iconic DZ Deathrays sound, albeit with a more introspective focus than other songs.

“It’s the flip-side to some of the other tracks that look out into the world: this one looks into our little world,” they explain.

While fans have already received another taste of Positive Rising: Part 2 by way of 2020’s “Fired Up”, DZ Deathrays also recently released a cover of WAAX’s “FU”, which was paired in turn with WAAX’s cover of “Fired Up”.

“One thing that is so rewarding about doing cover versions is learning how other song writers craft their music,” DZ Deathrays explained at the time. “WAAX are one of our favourite bands so it’s been an honour to discover how ‘FU’ was put together all while giving it our own little spin! To me this song is pure passion and angst and it was an absolute dream to work on.”

DZ Deathrays’ “All or Nothing” is out now, while Positive Rising: Part 2 is set to be released on July 9th, 2021, with pre-orders available now.