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Song You Need to Know: CXLOE’s ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’

CXLOE describes the dark-pop cut as a “psychotic, obsessive love song.”



CXLOE might have called her new single, “Till The Wheels Fall Off”, but she doesn’t have to worry about that happening to her music career anytime soon.

Already a popular sound on TikTok, the brooding dark-pop song is the Australian singer-songwriter’s first release of the year, and is an addictive burst of sonic adrenaline.

According to CXLOE, it’s a bit of a “psychotic, obsessive love song,” and was inspired from a deeply personal relationship. “It’s about that one person in your life that will stick by you, and keep you on track, no matter what,” she reveals.

Co-written with Louis Schoorl, “Till The Wheels Fall Off” came together in 2020 when CXLOE felt adrift from her music. “I felt like everything I had worked so hard for was falling apart around me,” she says.

It was her fiancé that ultimately gave her the necessary support to thrive again. “He literally packed up his whole life and moved to LA with me so I could keep pursuing this crazy dream,” she explains.

“At the time it really felt like we were driving blind, speeding down the highway, and the only option was to keep driving – faster and faster – and hope for the best.”

Hence her new single’s impactful title. “Literally until the wheels fall off (or we drive off a cliff!). Ride or die, baby!” CXLOE adds.

Recalling Billie Eilish at her whispering best, CXLOE’s haunting vocals betray an artist completely lost in the sentiment of her song. “And we don’t even have to try / You just look me in the eye / I do, I do / I do it for you,” she intones powerfully.

“Till The Wheels Fall Off” is the first taste of CXLOE’s new EP Heavy, Pt. II, which is set for release in 2023. It’s the eagerly-awaited follow-up to Heavy, Pt. 1, which came out back in 2020.

CXLOE’s “Till The Wheels Fall Off” is out now.