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ChillinIt Covers BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘Sugar’ for Return of Like a Version

triple j’s Like a Version has finally returned following a COVID-19 hiatus, with ChillinIt kicking things off with a cover of a BROCKHAMPTON classic.


It’s been a long time coming, but the highly-anticipated return of triple j’s Like a Version segment has seen Aussie hip-hop artist ChillinIt bring it back with a vengeance thanks to his cover of a BROCKHAMPTON classic.

Having announced a hiatus due to COVID-19 back in March, triple j revealed last week that their beloved Like a Version segment would be returning on June 5th, with Sydney hip-hop artist ChillinIt bringing things back to a sense of normalcy.

With the station noting that they would be playing close attention to social distancing for its musicians when the segment returns, ChillinIt hit the triple j studios recently to record his tracks, which broadcast on Breakfast with Sally & Erica this morning.

Kicking things off with a rendition of his original tune “Lights Off”, ChillinIt teamed up with Triple One’s Lil Dijon and backing musicians to craft a powerful version of the track before dipping into the traditional cover.

Backed by Lil Dijon again, the musicians dove into a slick version of BROCKHAMPTON’s 2019 song, “SUGAR”, with ChillinIt dropping some furious bars into the soulful, relatively acoustic number.

Undoubtedly serving as huge return for the much-missed Friday morning segment, Like a Version looks set to continue on from now and on, with a number of local artists on track to perform a pair of tracks each week in the triple j studios.

Last week, we noted how prior to Like a Version’s hiatus, the station remarked that The Kite String Tangle would be the first cab off the rank, having had their segment pushed back due to COVID-19.

Currently, there’s no word as to when The Kite String Tangle will appear for Like a Version, though it’s likely they will serve as one of the featured artists in an upcoming edition of the weekly segment.