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triple j Announce the Return of Like a Version Following COVID-19 Hiatus

Having made the decision to put Like a Version on ice back in March, triple j have today announced it will return to the airwaves on June 5th.

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triple j's Like a Version segment will return in full force next week, with ChillinIt serving as the first cab off the rank.

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After a two-month hiatus, triple j have revealed that their iconic Like a Version segment is set to return next week.

When COVID-19 lockdowns began to take full effect in mid-to late March, one of the unfortunate, yet expected, casualties was that of triple j’s beloved Like a Version segment.

A weekly staple of the station for the last 15 years, triple j made the decision to put the segment on ice due to social distancing regulations imposed by the Federal Government.

“We know, it sucks,” triple j shared in a statement. “But it’s the most sensible decision we could make after consultation with the powers that be.

“Again, we’re really bummed it’s come to this. We know that with so many concerts and festivals being postponed, or worse cancelled, that getting fresh live Like A Versions on your airwaves and in your feeds would brighten your week. However, we’re looking forward to bringing you a neat substitute in the meantime.”

In the interim, triple j have been sharing archival recordings of the segment, with this week’s Requestival event bringing numerous classic covers for listeners.


Now, Breakfast hosts Sally & Erica have used the traditional Friday morning slot to reveal that Like a Version will be returning on June 5th.

Announced this morning, the hosts revealed that the first artist to enter the studio for the returning segment will be Aussie hip-hop artist ChillinIt, with strict social distancing regulations still being maintained to ensure the event complies with health and safety requirements.

Interestingly, the announcement of ChillinIt as the first artist in the studio goes against what was outlined in the segment’s hiatus announcement, where it was noted that The Kite Strong Tangle (who was slated to perform that week) had been “rescheduled to be first up once Like A Version returns”.

Although there’s no word as to when The Kite String Tangle’s Like a Version performance will indeed take place, listeners can take solace that as things begin to return to normal, so too has triple j’s iconic covers segment.