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Best Australian Music of the Week: May 27th-June 2nd

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Jen Cloher

Jen Cloher

Kira Puru

Every week, Rolling Stone AU/NZ dives into our favourite Australian music released over the past seven days.

Take a look back at our coverage of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, King Stingray, Pond, and Tuka, and explore fresh tracks from Jen Cloher, GIMMY, Hiatus Kaiyote, Imogen Clark, Worm Girlz, Ioakim, Somber Hills, SPEED, Joel Fletcher & Oliver Cronin, and Casey Barnes, below.

Jen Cloher – “Annabelle”

On their latest single “Annabelle”, Jen Cloher tells the story of a character consumed by the desire to win at any cost, starting slow and building to a crescendo of sound. The surprise release comes before Cloher’s national tour, kicking off with at Vivid Sydney on June 6th.

GIMMY – Things Look Different Now

GIMMY’s debut album is as stunning as expected, thanks to the strength of her single releases. The Northern Rivers artist effortlessly moves between genres, delivering off-kilter melodies and powerful vocals.

“The 12 tracks on this album are mainly all about change — internally and physically in a life setting,” shares GIMMY, aka Gemma Owens. “It’s kind of a nostalgic meaning to me of how quickly life moves along, relationships, age, phase of life, memories.”

Hiatus Kaiyote – “Love Heart Cheat Code”

Australia’s funk-soul group have dropped the title track from their upcoming album, “Love Heart Cheat Code” — and it’s all about love. The song mirrors the tight bond the band shares, born from impromptu jam sessions where they found their groove and moulded it into the album’s centrepiece.

Imogen Clark – The Art of Getting Through

AIR-nominated singer-songwriter Imogen Clark has released her new album, The Art of Getting Through. Recorded in notable studios like London’s Abbey Road and Peter Frampton’s Studio Phenix in Nashville, the album showcases Clark’s raw and introspective songwriting.

 “These songs are about the messiness of life, the layers of injury and hurt that build resilience and how you never really get a clean slate or a fresh start,” she shares. “There is no starting over, there is only getting through.” 

Worm Girlz – “Not My Body” 

Brisbane garage-rock quintet, Worm Girlz, take on the sensitive topics of body and gender dysmorphia in their latest track, revealing a more tender side to their usual energetic sound.

“‘Not My Body” is an emotional outburst induced by the impossible standards placed on body image,” explains vocalist Lauren. “It encapsulates the personal experiences of Worm Girlz and the sensation of experiencing both body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria.”

ioakim – wishiwasyourgirlfriend

Sydney South Coast producer and songwriter ioakim evolves with his second EP. Leaving his DIY bedroom studio behind, he headed to California to work with top writers and producers like Jordan Palmer (Carly Rae Jepsen, LANY) and Day Wave. The EP features catchy choruses, choppy guitars, and his most intimate songwriting yet.

Somber Hills – “I’m Sure You’ve Heard”

Labeled as the perfect mosh-pit anthem, Somber Hills’ new track is melodic and sure to please fans of his pop-punk style. ”This year I’ve been doing shadow work and trying to find out more about the parts of me I suppress, in doing so I’ve realised more about the type of artist I want to be,” Somber Hill shares.

“This song starts in the setting of an untapped memory that led to a lot of raw emotion. This song feels like the bright side of nihilism.” 


SPEED have given us another glimpse of their upcoming album, ONLY ONE MODE, with their latest single, “THE FIRST TEST”. True to their hardcore style, the track also throws in a flute break for a surprising twist. 

Joel Fletcher & Oliver Cronin – “HER” 

Melbourne producer and DJ Joel Fletcher joins forces with Sydney-based rising star Oliver Cronin for their latest dance track collaboration.

Casey Barnes – Mayday

It’s all good times and big country tunes from the chart-topping artist’s latest album, Mayday. There’s a beer anthem too, because what’s a country album without one?