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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Share Biblical Single ‘Frogs’

“The sheer exuberance of a song like ‘Frogs’, it just puts a big f*cking smile on my face”

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Ian Allen*

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds have shared another taste of their forthcoming album, Wild God.

Titled “Frogs”, their second album single is biblically epic, referencing the first murder in the Bible, Cain’s slaying of Abel.

The track is also one of Cave’s favourites. “The sheer exuberance of a song like ‘Frogs’, it just puts a big f*cking smile on my face,” he shares.

“Frogs” follows title track “Wild God”, which tells a freewheeling story of a deity roaming the planet. Their upcoming album is due out on August 30th. The album will be the band’s 18th overall and first since 2019’s Ghosteen.

Cave spoke about Wild God and how he saw the music on the album last year in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I think the energy that we’re trying to find in our music needs to come from somewhere else other than basic rock & roll,” he said.

“There’s a lot of energy in the new record, but it’s not done as a rock & roll group, by which I mean guitar-orientated music. Warren and I have been looking for ways to create music that has that kind of visceral energy about it. It’s not that we don’t know how to do energetic rock & roll — everybody knows how to do that stuff — I think we’re just looking at different ways to get to the emotional core of what I’m trying to write about.”

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ “Frogs” is out now. Wild God is out August 30th (pre-save/pre-order here).